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Giant Wheel Foreman Wanted Galaxy Amusement Sales
Waterloo Tent & Tarp JKJ Workforce
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Wade Shows Adds KMG XXL for 2024

First of Its Kind in the USA
The XXL Purchased by Wade Shows will be the first ride of its kind to travel in the United States.

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Wade Shows announced the addition of a KMG XXL Ride to its extensive lineup of unique super spectacular attractions. Marina Zaitshik-Small, daughter of Frank Zaitshik, and her husband, Johan Small, have purchased the XXL after extensive research and consideration. While the ride will often travel with Wade Shows to some of the company's major events, it is likely that the XXL will have a route of its own, playing fairs and festivals that are looking for a show-stopping attraction.

“We did our own research and settled on the XXL ride because it's a popular style already. This will be the first traveling model of the XXL in the US and tallest swinging pendulum ride on any US midway. This ride is a fan-favorite in Europe and Australia,” says Zaitshik-Small.

Once they set their sights on the XXL, Zaitshik-Small and her husband reached out to Peter Theunisz, sales agent with KMG, and inquired about availability. The ride is set to make its debut at the 2024 South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach, FL. “Were very excited to premiere this one of a kind super spectacular attraction in our home state of Florida. Its very first location will be at the 2024 South Florida Fair and followed by my hometown fair, the Florida State Fair. While Wade Shows' events take precedence, we plan on a blended route comprised of Wade events and the best Independent Fairs available.,” says Zaitshik-Small.

XXL in Action Video

XXL Time Lapse Set Up Video

“It was an interesting process to sell a brand new ‘XXL' ride to Wade Shows. Frank, Marina, and Johan have done a thorough investigation on the ride about capacity, efficiency, transportation, set up, procedure, and maintenance,” says Theunisz. “They went up to Myrtle Beach, SC to go see Bill Prescott's ‘XXL' to get all the information they needed to make the decision to purchase,” says Theunisz. 

The XXL moves on three integrated semi-trailers, and can be set up without the use of a crane. The ride swings riders 148 feet up in the air, twice as high as rides of a similar style traveling in the U.S. right now. Complimenting its massive size, the XXL will turn heads on the midway with its unique lighting and design package. “We will have features that have never been displayed on a US ride—a truly special audio visual and lighting aspect will be included in the ride layout,” says Zaitshik-Small.

When she visited Bill Prescott in Myrtle Beach and got to see the ride in person, Zaitshik-Small was stunned by the size of the ride. “Although it was the park model it's the exact footprint of our traveling model. It's way larger than anything you've seen on the midway and will compete with the best of the best super spectacular attractions. If you try to take a picture of the ride straight on, the whole ride won't fit in the frame,” laughs Zaitshik-Small.

While purchasing this ride, and operating it, is a huge undertaking, Zaitshik-Small and her husband, Johan, are up for the challenge. Learning from one of the most accomplished carnival operators in the industry, Zaitshik-Small has many years of management experience on the midway and has owned and refurbished rides alongside her father for quite some time. “It's great to be starting a new business venture with my Dad's support. I have unofficially and officially been his assistant since around 10 years old, but now the roles are reversed. I couldn't ask for a better consultant,” says Zaitshik-Small.

Johan Small has about ten years of experience in the industry starting out working under Michael Wood and moving the Magnum ride. Once he moved over to Wade Shows he gained experience moving major roller coasters, helping with the Midway Sky Eye, and managing a unit of 25-30 rides. Once the XXL arrives, Small will take responsibility for set up, tear down, maintenance, and operation of the ride alongside his crew. “The XXL will have Johan's attention and expertise.
It will be perfectly maintained and he will ensure a great operation,” says Zaitshik-Small.


As the excitement for the ride's delivery builds in the industry, Zaitshik-Small is happy to have some time to plan, study, and visit the factory as the ride is constructed. “We're looking forward to its debut in 2024 but we are glad to have some time to market the ride and have some input in the design,” she says. “I'm grateful for the support of my parents as we take this on and we plan to update our social media as we visit the factory,” says Zaitshik-Small. “I'm certainly inspired by my dad who is never afraid to take a risk and purchase super spectacular multi-trailer rides. This purchase shows mine and Johan's commitment to the outdoor amusement business.”
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