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Six Flags Fiesta Texas: New Park President Leads the Park
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Jeffrey Siebert spent seven years at Schlitterbahn Waterparks & Resorts, and worked for the now-closed Americana Amusement Park in Monroe, Ohio. He joined the Six Flags Fiesta Texas marketing department in 2012, and now – as the president of Fiesta Texas since 2016 - he oversees some 3,000 employees, and on his watch opened a major new ride: Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster.

Asked how Fiesta Texas scored the ride, Siebert says the park’s track record is key, with the park having opened Batman: The Ride, and the rocket blast water coaster Thunder Rapids successfully in rapid succession.

With each of the park’s attractions, Siebert relates that to succeed at choosing and opening them “The number one thing that we do is listen, because our guests are telling us what they want and what they’re looking forward to…” Testing out different concepts is always important, he asserts, as with the park’s new ride opening later this year, Pirates of the Deep Sea. The ride is a revamp of The Scooby-Doo Ghostblasters dark ride attraction previously at the park, and the selection of the revamp itself was based on Siebert’s research into what visitors wanted to see. That research revealed that what they wanted to see was - pirates. Siebert says that when the ride opens it will be “a fun, broad family pirate battle experience, unlike anything that we’ve done in the park before… It’s all based on talking with our guests and finding out what they want us to do.”

Along with looking at innovative new attractions, Siebert also oversees a large staff, and asserts that team members at the park are “our greatest asset.” He says what he most wants to see in staff members is a fun personality that can create positive interactions even in stressful situations. As with his penchant for listening to what guests want in the park, Siebert listens to his staff as well, and takes in both their challenges and accomplishments.

If listening is the key to Siebert’s management style and his ability to conceptualize attractions that park guests seek, then an openness to innovative concepts such as VR is what allows him to work with the creators of those ride thrills. His openness fits with the park’s reputation, which Seibert says comes down to “when you think of Six Flags, you think of exciting, dynamic thrill rides,” and he asserts that the best thrills are yet to come.

Siebert graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1995 and says that he’s loved theme parks his whole life. As the president of Six Flags Fiesta Texas, he’s presided over the park’s 25th anniversary last year, and opened the waterpark ride Thunder Rapids, a roller coaster raft ride with rocket blast technology. He’s also launched all-season dining for guests, something he calls a game changer designed to improve guest’s park experience. The passes offer food choices a multiple number of times on each visit to the park. It’s another aspect of his commitment to provide guest experiences that he terms “fresh and new.”

Premium dining passes include lunch, dinner, a snack, and free soft drinks all season, as well as a free souvenir bottle, and 20% off most merchandise. Regularly priced at $209.99, 2018 passes are now $89.99. The basic option dining pass offers lunch and a snack each visit, and is now $64.99.

Siebert’s mission to keep things fresh includes summer events this year such as the now 5-day Coca Cola Fourth Fest, with fireworks, fire and water features, and early morning rides on coasters when guests bring in an unopened can or bottle of their favorite Coke product and receive a wrist band. Guests can get their thrill on with early rides on Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster, Batman The Ride, Poltergeist, SCREAM, and Hustler. In the evening, 4th of July Fireworks promise a spectacular display.

And speaking of coasters, the Wonder Woman Golden Lasso opened in early May this year, and may be Siebert’s signature coup – it’s the first of its kind in the world to use a single I-beam rail, seating riders in a single file line on color-themed red, gold and blue seats. The result of this design is an open air view down a 90-degree drop, two airtime hills, a 180-degree stall, a zero-G roll, and overbanked wave turns.

Those unobstructed views heighten the excitement of the ride and are a thrill in and of themselves. The fun starts even before the ride itself begins; in the line to enter the ride, guests meet Wonder Woman, and learn the story of her super powers in a tropical landscape representing her original island home, Themyscira.

Coming soon: guests will be able to buy new Wonder Woman gifts at a retail store scheduled to offer keychains, T-shirts, magnets and other themed souvenirs.

Also freshly enhanced this year, the Mardi Gras Nighttime Parade offers floats, live jazz, and a brand-new after-dark parade with vibrant illumination.

There are new sweet treats at the park on Siebert’s watch, too. There’s a new candy shop with fresh homemade fudge and candy apples; the Funneliscious! Funnel Cake Stand, and the Blue Snowman Soft Serve, featuring Dole Soft Serve Fruit Swirl.

New games haven’t been forgotten at Fiesta Texas. This summer in the Crackaxle Games area, guests are invited to try a new toilet game that offers ball tosses to win poop emoji prizes; a life-sized version of the Connect 4 Game is on hand in the park’s Rockville area.

Siebert says “Six Flags continues to raise the bar with groundbreaking new rides and attractions every year.” He describes the Wonder Woman coaster as “an incredible ride that delivers big thrills from start to finish” as it joins the other DC attractions at the park, Batman: The Ride, and Superman Krypton Coaster.

Siebert himself may not be a super hero, but Six Flags Fiesta Texas is doing “super” under his watch.
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