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Roller Coaster Thrills and Summer Changes at Cedar Point
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Steel Vengeance is a trip of a ride at Cedar Point amusement park. It’s a new coaster that will have park visitors wanting to ride over and over again.

According to Cedar Point spokesman and director of communication Tony Clark, “Steel Vengeance is a roller coaster unlike any other on earth.” Located in Sandusky, Ohio, the amusement is billing the ride as the first “hyper hybrid coaster.” Since its debut in early May, the ride has proved both popular and thrilling, as it sends riders up over 200 feet at its pinnacle via a smooth, steel track that is itself positioned on top of a wooden structure.

The ride is positioned above Frontier Town. Clark notes that once riders crest the hill, “They stare straight down a 90-degree initial drop and a 200-foot dive to the ground.” The coaster has an impressive length of 5,740 feet, and carries 24 riders per train for a heart-pounding 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Steel Vengeance travels fast – 74 miles per hour – as it soars riders through four inversions. The ride ties in with characters termed Frontier Town’s “outcasts,” Blackjack, Chess and Digger.

Cedar Point proudly asserts that their new ride, which replaced their older wooden coaster, Mean Streak, is the tallest, longest and fastest hybrid roller coaster, has the steepest drop, and the most airtime on any roller coaster at 27.2 seconds.

Clark offers a moment by moment assessment of the ride, which he personally finds thrilling. With a retractable seatbelt and a lap bar with a shin pad that holds riders in place along with a larger lap bar with pad, he notes “This restraint system means that a traditional over-the-shoulder harness doesn't need to be used.” Safely locked down riders experience two small bunny hills on their way to the lift hill which he describes as going fast, and as very steep. “Before you know it, you have another breathtaking view of the park and the surrounding shoreline,” he says, encouraging riders to take it all in because “then it’s on.” Right off the lift, the 27.2 seconds of airtime sends riders down the first drop and into the speed hill, into the outer-banked airtime hill. Riders then climb into the inversion which he describes as one of many, and all of them “butter-smooth…they never toss you side to side.” One of the most impressive is called the Twisted Snake Drive, he enthuses. “This move twists you into a half-roll, almost like you’re about to do a complete inline twist, but turns you back into the direction of travel.”

Clark notes the excitement of surprise moments along the track, including a final turn that puts riders in the throes of more airtime while turned completely sideways.

Built by Rocky Mountain Construction, Clark asserts that the ride “combines everything you could possibly want. Height. Speed. Inversions. Airtime. Airtime. Airtime. Surprises. Optical illusions.”

The excitement of the ride comes with a $5 increased gate admission of $72 for 2018 at Cedar Point. The admission covers unlimited access to all the rides and Cedar Point Beach for the day, but Cedar Point Shores waterpark admission is separate, at $39. A season pass for Cedar Point is available for $147.00.

Along with the new ride, there are other changes afoot at the park for 2018.

New, beach themed décor and beachy merchandise has transformed the gift shop at the park’s main entrance, Point Plaza. What was once the Western Shoot-Out in Frontier Town has become the spot to play the basketball game HORSE, where park guests can try to sink baskets from spots along the midway. At the Jitney Arcade, FrontierTown Shooting Gallery will offer a skill based game with animated scenes and sounds.

There are also myriad new food choices in the park. Frontier Foldovers, a new, quick-service sandwich shop, offers folded brisket, chicken, and Italian meat sandwiches. At Sidewinder Sue’s guests will chow down on new twisty fries with pulled pork, brisket, or chili. At Miss Keat’s Smoke Shack in FrontierTown there’s more savory brisket, pork, wings, and sausage. And at Roundup, near the entrance to Maverick, new big and bold burgers are served up to match the bold Steel Vengeance ride. Chic-fil-A returns to FrontierTown with chicken sandwiches and waffle fries.

There are also a variety of new entertainment options for the park, where attendance is up this season. At Gossip Gulp, live entertainment includes the park’s signature Bluegrass Jamboree. Lusty Lil’s French Review plays at the Palace Theatre in FrontierTown. The lively show includes comedy and can-can dancers set to live music for a funny and fun French musical review. And it’s all about acrobats and dancers in the Vertical Impact show held in Celebration Plaza.

And of course, the youngest visitors haven’t been forgotten in the entertainment mix. Snoopy’s Dog Days of Summer show offers music, dancing, and fun on the Main Midway, featuring the talents of Snoopy and the entire Peanuts gang. And that’s not all - The Midway Entertainers offer a variety of live music, with the Traildust Trio plucking country music riffs in the Gazebo near Town Hall Museum; The Tomfooleries guitar duo weaving comedy and music together in the Palace Theatre and on FrontierTown’s streets; The Swell serenading guests with classic 50s musical stylings on the Main Midway; and the Roving Beach Crew wandering, singing and interacting with guests along the midways as they head toward Cedar Point Beach. Over in the waterpark, it’s the Summerdaze Band, taking the stage at Cedar Point Shores Waterpark for waves of musical fun.

From the brand new, intense high roller of a coaster ride that appears to be one for the ages to their wide variety of new food choices, and musical entertainment options, Cedar Point is offering a fresh, exciting summer program that’s bound to have every guest screaming with delight.
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