Giant Wheel Foreman Wanted Galaxy Amusement Sales
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Giant Wheel Foreman Wanted Galaxy Amusement Sales
Waterloo Tent & Tarp JKJ Workforce
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Ride Manufacturers Report Brisk Sales on Final Day of Gibtown Show
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As the 2024 IISA Trade Show came to a close, vendors were packing up their booths and counting their sales orders as most of the manufacturers and suppliers we spoke with reported a good week with strong sales.

In all, over 20 ride companies were on hand, representing over 30 manufacturers, one of the largest gatherings in the world, right here in Gibtown.  There were also food trailer and concession manufacturers, bunkhouse manufacturers, concession suppliers and stock companies.  In short, everything you could possibly want in the carnival business is right at your doorstep.

The mood at the show was almost exclusively positive, with suppliers and manufacturers doing brisk business, even when the grounds may not have been at their busiest.  The biggest lament was the OABA and NICA holding their events on a different week than the IISA.  Some pointed to the absence of some West Coast and Midwestern Shows as drawbacks for them.  Most were hoping the OABA and NICA would once again run the same week as the IISA Trade Show so they would save the expense of having to spend two weeks in Tampa, or possibly not be able to attend both gatherings.

Ideally, the industry will come together once again, and the show week will be a time for all industry activities. 


Dalton Kid Rides

Matt Kleeschulte, COO of Dalton Kid Rides, said all in all, they had a very good show.  Their booth received a lot of attention with their 10 sweep Mangels Fire Truck Ride. The four pack of Kiddie rides displayed at the show is going to Dreamland Amusements, which includes the Mangels Fire Truck, Farm Tractors, a side by side and a single cycles. 

A Jump Cycles was also sold to Bill Johnson of Fantasy Amusements.

Business also went well for fence orders and canvas, so good in fact, that the company reported Wednesday of the show was the best day they had in 4 years.


Wadkins Expo Wheels

The wheel manufacturer had a ride on hand for BAJA (Beer and Jessup) as well as a second for Randy Kissel. 

For upcoming deliveries, Classic Amusements and McDaniel Brothers Amusements will be receiving wheels in 2024 and Donnie Massie of Alpine Amusements purchased a wheel for 2025 delivery.

In addition, the company sold a used wheel to Roy Shaw of Maryland. 

The Kissel Amusement Family infront of their new Expo Wheel


Rides USA

Kevin Exum's Rides USA is the exclusive North and South American agent for three ride companies: Fabbri Park, CBK and Gueven.  After working buying and selling equipment for many years, he decided to represent manufacturers in the US.  In addition to the ride sales company, he operates parks in Asia, mostly the Philippines, after stints in Taiwan and Vietnam.

Exum was hoping to have a combination balloon/swing rides on display at the show but shipping issues prevented the rides from getting to Gibtown in time.  Once in the United States, the combination will be available for purchase in the US, likely by the 2nd week of March.  With the long delivery times from so many manufacturers, Exum is confident the pieces will go very quickly.

Exum reported many sales before and during the show, including a “handshake deal” with a Mexican operator for a 45 meter wheel.

Other deals included 18 meter wheels to TSA of NY, MADJAX Amusements, Ottaway Legacy Shows bought a used Cliffhanger, Modern Midways previously purchased a 22m wheel and at the show, a Samba Balloon, Rockwell Amusements purchased a 22m wheel and a Venetian Carousel, the Larkee Family bought a Runaway Train family coaster, Peachtree Rides purchased a 22m wheel and Wee Entertainment purchased a Runaway Train Family Coaster.

Exum said the Runaway train is unique in that it all folds up hydraulically, making it very easy to set up and take down. 

Exum said he had also made 3 sales to companies who chose to remain anonymous.


Amusement Devices & Manufacturing (ADM Rides)

“The show was fabulous”, said Brian Woodke of ADM, who had one of the largest displays of the convention.   Woodke, who manufactures smaller, easy to move equipment, has found a sweet spot for companies both large and small.  He has found even medium to large shows are buying his equipment as they need extra pieces they can easily move.  

With a bustling booth filled with buyers, Woodke was able to sell 15 - 18 pieces during the show.  With the new sales, production has now been pushed to March of 2025 for his company.

On the lot, Premier Bounce and Slide bought the Mini Pirate and Razzmatazz rides, the Ballistic was sold to Ragland Productions, the Mind Winder was sold to Wade Shows, the Slide was going to Arnold's Park, the Joker's Wild to Orlando Fun Crew, a game trailer to Arnold's Park, a popper went to Tim Crist, an Icee trailer to Ricky Moore, and a Fun House to Scott's Amusements.

This is about the 4th or 5th year ADM has displayed concessions along with their rides and sales seem to double every year.  The biggest sellers are the food trailers.  “We sell a quality trailer that is half the money”, Woodke added.


Fredricksen Fun Slides

Jim Fredricksen sold 4 slides just before the trade show.  One went to the Bahamas and another two went to an operator in Texas who owns several large bar and nightclubs.  He started with a slide last fall and has now ordered 3 more rides for his other locations.  Little Woodrow's has over 23 location in Texas so far, so the client may be a source of sales for Fredricksen for a long time to come.

Fredricksen said the first day of the show was “super good “ for his company, but by Thursday and Friday traffic had slowed some, although he did see many clients and generate leads which may later turn into sales.

Fredricksen also made news earlier in the week when it was announced he had donated $1,000,000 to the Carnival Museum for its proposed expansion project.  The funds will help to add more exhibits to the attraction and expand what the museum has to offer.  Frericksen said the museum is looking for a new curator as long time administrator Doc Rivera will be retiring this year.  Read more about the museum's curator search and the expansion here.

Check back for our final report on Gibtown 2024 on Wednesday.

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