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Northwestern Showmen's Club Moves Forward with 2021 Safety Seminar

2021 Safety Seminar to go on in reduced capacity
The NWSC will be offering a "pandemic edition" of the safety seminar over the course of two days.

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While many statewide fair conferences and safety seminars are cancelled for 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Northwestern Showmen's Club's Safety Seminar will take place February 24th-25th in Portland, Oregon.  Bev Burback, Director of the Northwestern Showmen's Club's Annual Safety Seminar, feels it's important, now more than ever, to continue educating ride owners and operators on proper safety procedures as everyone in the outdoor amusement industry holds out hope for a productive 2021 season.

“We were originally planning to cancel the seminar like almost everyone else has, but we got phone calls and interest from ride owners and operators” says Burback.  “Inspectors need a certain amount of hours of instruction to be able to work and inspect and they were concerned about not getting them.  We took a step back and decided they could do something,” she says.

In a normal year, the seminar hosts about 26 instructors; this year, 16 instructors have expressed interest in coming to the seminar in person or delivering their programming through Zoom. “ We're still not sure what's going to happen as rules and regulations change. We're going day by day; the instructors, like us, feel the industry needs it,” says Burback. Typically, about  150-175 people attend around 43 different types of classes over 4 days. The seminar is held in four different classrooms at the Fantastic Shows Campus and at Oaks Park in Portland Oregon. “Our facility is set up so that we're able to have concurrent sessions,” says Burback. One classroom is larger than others so more popular programs and classes are held there, and attendees can choose which classes, discussions, and programs are most important to them.

At the 2019 safety seminar, most classes and programs were about an hour long followed by a 10 minute break with discussions. Examples of topics covered in the classes included: proper ride blocking, ride corrosion, safety equipment, fall restraint, ride inspections & documentation, Oregon permitting, proper rigging, finding hidden hazards and general safety, creating ride manuals, and electrical safety, among many others. Other programs such as fork lift certification, AIMS testing, NAARSO testing, and CPR/AED/First Aid were also offered on the 5th day of the seminar for those interested. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were provided each of the 4 days of programming.
Looking ahead to the 2021 seminar, Burback and the rest of the board plan to offer the same types of programs people have needed or requested in past years. “We're currently calling around to instructors and manufacturers and seeing what they're willing and able to do,” she says. “The programs that we typically offer are more for people in the field: the ones who operate, set up, and tear down the rides on a day to day basis.” Usually, the cost to attend the seminar, including 3 meals a day and 4 days of instruction, is $200. This year, Burback is scaling the meals back to just lunch and, at this time, is only charging $50 for the two day event. While the programming is sure to be robust, the seminar will not be able to accommodate NAARSO or AIMS testing in 2021. “We're very fortunate to have cash donations and instructors who donate their time; it demonstrates the dedication of our instructors for those people to do this,” says Burback.  Like past years, the Northwestern Showmen's Club Safety Seminar is aligned with the Portland Community College for accreditation in their Continuing Education Program providing 2 CEU's for participation in and completion of the seminar.

For those who are interested in learning more about the 2021 Safety Seminar can visit the Northwestern Showmen's Association web site.  Guests can register and reserve their class space directly through the club's web site.

The Northwestern Showmen's Club's Safety Seminar was established more than 40 years ago to promote continuing education by amusement industry professionals. According to Burback, there is not much recorded history on the seminar or the Northwestern Showman's Club itself. As they continue to cautiously plan the annual seminar in the midst of the pandemic, Burback and her daughter, Tracy, are working on compiling the history.  Burback herself became President of the Northwestern Showmen's Club in 1998 and took over helping with the seminar.  As organizers would come and go, Burback tried to help keep it together so the club can hold the seminar. “I think everybody needs to give back to the industry,” she says. "We want to keep things safe in our industry and it's up to us to do that.”
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