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Minnesota State Fair announces 2019 Mighty Midway and Kidway attraction list
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The Minnesota State Fair announced its lineup of rides and attractions for the Mighty Midway and Kidway at the 2019 Minnesota State Fair. 

"We will have two rides that are new to our midway in 2019.  Mr. Ed's Magical Midways is bringing in a Zero Gravity and Skerbeck Entertainment Group is bringing in a Sea Ray.  2019 game operators and operations remain largely unchanged in our midway as compared to 2018," stated Jim Sinclair, Fair Deputy General Manager and Midway Coordinator.

"Our Kidway will have no new ride operators or rides in 2019, but we are making some changes in ride layout in an effort to create a more open center area and provide for greater visibility through the entire Kidway" added Sinclair.

Sitting off the Mighty Midway is the iconic five-story Giant Slide, which is celebrating it`s 50th anniversary this year.   It is estimated that over 9 million fair visitors have ridden the slide since it opened.  The Giant Slide is operated by the Pittroff family and first brought the slide to the fair in 1969.  To celebrate the 50th season, special limited-edition commemorative T-shirts and hats will be available outside the slide.

The 2019 Minnesota State Fair runs Aug. 22 - Labor Day, Sept. 2.

The 2019 Mighty Midway and Kidway ride list sorted by operator is as follows:

Alamo Amusements, Inc. (Patrick Sheridan) = 6
1. Winky the Whale (KW)
2. Monkey Maze Glass House (KW)
3. Samba Balloon (KW)
4. Kite Flyer (KW)
5. Dive Bomber (KW)
6. Mini Swings (KW)

Arnold Amusements, Inc. (Thomas Arnold) = 3
1. Cliff Hanger
2. Sizzler
3. Scooter

B-Thrilled Attractions, LLC (Blake/Katrine McDonagh) = 2
1. Beetle Bobs (KW)
2. Alpine Bobs

Cristiani Concessions, Inc. (Del Rio Cristiani) = 1
1. Kiddie Bumper Boats (KW)

D & K Amusements (Derek/Catherine Long) – 2
1. Big Bamboo Fun House (KW)
2. Hurricane (aka Fun Factory)

Fair Ride Entertainment, LLC (Joey Weaver) = 4
1. Wave Swinger (KW)
2. Monster Truck (KW)
3. New York New York Fun House
4. Haunted Castle Dark Ride

Family Entertainment (Kenneth Bender/Richard Tinsley) = 2
1. Charlie Chopper (KW)
2. Down Draft

Fun Attractions, LLC (Wayne/Guy McDaniel) = 2
1. Ghost Pirate Dark Ride (KW)
2. Arabian Daze aka Persian Camel

Gopher State Expositions, Inc. (Randy Forcier) = 4
1. Kamikaze
2. Rock Star
3. Zipper
4. Spider

International Attractions (Danny England) = 3
1. Whacky Shack Kiddie Fun House (KW)
2. Jukebox Music Video Fun House
3. Haunted House Dark Ride

Joyrides, Inc. (Joyce A. Hutchins) = 2
1. Clown Around aka Hully Gully (KW)
2. Storm

Laser Fair, Inc. (Kyle Wisdom) = 3
1. Tornado
2. Equinox (aka Tango)
3. Starship 3000

Lauther Amusements (Thomas Lauther/Michael Lauther) = 2
1. Tilt-A-Whirl (KW)
2. Orbiter

Mr. Ed’s Magical Midways, LLC (Mariah Duchow) = 3
1. Dalton Tractor ride (KW)
2. Air Maxx
3. ** Zero Gravity

Prime Pacific Ent., LLC (Maurice/Doug Haworth) = 3
1. Lady Bug (KW)
2. Puppy Express Roller Coaster (KW)
3. Dragon Wagon (KW)

Reithoffer Shows, Inc. (Rick Reithoffer) = 1
1. Sky Flyer

Rose’s Rides, LLC (Rose Barton) = 2
1. Raiders (KW)
2. Hog Rally (KW)

S. J. Entertainment (Steve Vander Vorste) = 2
1. Crazy Mouse Spinning Roller Coaster (Reverchon)
2. Flipper

Skerbeck Entertainment Group, Inc. (Jamie Skerbeck) = 4
1. Teacups (KW)
2. Combination Carousel (KW)
3. Merry-go-Round (KW)
4. ** Sea Ray

Tinsley Amusements, Inc. (Richard Tinsley) = 3
1. Kiddie Ferris Wheel (Eli) (KW)
2. Slide (KW)
3. Hampton Combination – Cars, Motorcycles & Dune Buggies (KW)

Wood Entertainment Company (Michael F. Wood) = 3
1. Magic Maze Glass House
2. Techno Power
3. Magnum

Michael F. Wood = 2
1. Safari Train (KW)
2. Daytona (KW)

2019 Total = 59 (Midway = 29/Kidway (KW) = 30)

* = New Ride & Show Operators in 2019 = 0
** = New Rides & Shows in 2019 = 2
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