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Magic Money
MagicMoney Re-signs Iowa State Fair, Adds Nine Carnivals to Its Roster in the US and Internationally
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Magic Money Kiosks on the Iowa State Fair Independent Midway

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MagicMoney begins the year on a high note, proudly announcing the re-signing of a top 10 ranked event, the Iowa State Fair. After a competitive bidding process, MagicMoney successfully outscored its competitors, securing the contract for multiple years. "This achievement underscores our platform's robust capabilities and the trust we have built within the industry", said Zach Enright, CEO of Magic Money.

MagicMoney, is also a leading name in event management software, continuing on an impressive growth trajectory with the addition of nine new carnivals to its roster both in the US and internationally. As a result of this expansion, the company is set to assist over 2,500 events globally in 2024, marking a significant increase in its market reach and influence.

A compelling aspect of MagicMoney's offering is the affordability of its entry-level package. The majority of carnivals are able to start using MagicMoney for an investment of less than $25,000, making it a highly attractive option given the extensive features the platform offers. This affordability factor is crucial for many clients, providing access to a full suite of tools that would otherwise be prohibitive.

MagicMoney has proven particularly beneficial for small and mid-sized carnivals, where affordability and operational ease are paramount. One of the most praised aspects by carnival owners is how effortless the setup and upkeep of the system are. "It just works, week in and week out, and it's only getting better and more reliable," says Enright. In 2024, MagicMoney will be operating financial aspects for 40 carnivals, covering events large, small, rural, urban, and everything in between, demonstrating its versatility and reliability in various environments.

Zack Enright expressed his pride in the company's achievements, emphasizing customer satisfaction and retention. "I think the thing I'm most proud of about for MagicMoney is our customer retention and how happy our customers are with the product," he stated. Enright attributes this success to the continuous expansion and enhancement of their product offerings. "The fact that we have 4 times the carnivals running our system than all our competitors combined means that we're learning so much about the needs of carnivals big and small, and I think that shows in our software and execution of events," he added.

Adding to the chorus of approval, Sean Butler, COO of Butler Amusements, one of the key clients of MagicMoney, shared his satisfaction with the platform. "It was the best decision we could have possibly made for our company. Zack and his team have been there every step of the way to make constant upgrades to MagicMoney so we can better serve our fairs," Butler remarked. This endorsement underscores the impact and effectiveness of MagicMoney's solutions in the real-world settings of bustling carnivals and fairs.

Butler operates three separate units all year round, and Butler Amusements has eliminated the need for ticket sellers completely by utilizing MagicMoney. This operational model is not unique to Butler Amusements; every single MagicMoney customer operates every event they host throughout the year using the platform, which speaks volumes about the system's value to its users.

All in all, MagicMoney's continued growth is only a positive to existing and new customers as Magic Money continues to add more developers and speed up improvements while expanding its lead.  It strives to meet the needs of new customers as well as simplify the life and operations of existing customers. Magic Money is on track between all industries to process half a billion dollars in transactions this year and with every transaction they continue to learn and adapt for the future.

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