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KMG to offer New Line of Portable Giant Wheels; Company Debuts Crazy-X Thrill Ride

KMG to offer Portable Giant Wheels
KMG announced this month that it will be offering a line-up of portable Giant Wheels in three sizes: 31 meters, 46 meters, and 70 meters. Shown is a rendering of the company's 46m wheel. The company will also be building a new ride themed "Crazy-X", a concept based off the popular "Remix" and "Techno Power" style rides built by Tivoli UK.

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Peter Theunisz of KMG Europe BV and New Rides Europe, reached out to CarnivalWarehouse.com from the Netherlands to provide updates on new projects and sales in both Europe and the United States. During a year of uncertainty and shutdowns in the Outdoor Amusement Business, Theunisz is looking ahead for a productive 2021 season.  Development of new rides and continued sales points to a sense of optimism amongst manufacturers and show owners.


KMG recently developed and built the ”Airborne” ride for Dutch showman, Willy Ordelman.  The ”Airborne” is a giant Speed ride which is 65 meters (213 ft) high, built on 4 semi-trailers; each arm holds 2 free-swinging gondolas that carry up to 8 riders: a total of 32 passengers. At full speed the ”Airborne” makes 7 rpm, which converts to a speed of approximately 120 km/h (75 mph).  The theme for the ”Airborne” was designed by KMG's decorator Peter Brunsveld and Ordelman.  “The steampunk design highly appeals to the new generation of fairgoers in Europe. The LED light-show, steampunk decorations, and the sound of the high-end Hoffman Sound System makes a ride on the ”Airborne” a special experience,” says Theunisz.

Another KMG Speed-32 ride was ordered by the Mellors Group, who will operate their new ride in the UAE as soon as the Government allows fairs and amusement parks to reopen.  The Mellors Group plans to have the ride delivered for the 2021 season. Currently, no theme or design has been determined for this ride.

On October 16th, KMG delivered a brand new Move It-24 to German showman, Sascha Lenzner.  He will take the new piece on the road mostly in Germany.  Themed ”RobotiX”, the ride is constructed on one semi-trailer and boasts backwall sceenery, LED lighting, and a Hoffman Sound System.   Set up is made simple with the use of hydraulics with no crane needed and can be set up by just 2 people.

“KMG is working on another brand new "Move It-24" version 2.0.  The ride will be ready for delivery in February 2021,” says Theunisz.  This "Move It” will be delivered to STP at Bakken Park in Klampenborg, Denmark and themed as a Grasshopper. 

Another new KMG project is the ”Crazy-X” ride.  This is a new version of the well-known “Techno Power” ride made by Tivoli UK.  “KMG has redesigned this ride and re-engineered the ”Crazy-X” according to the new and current standards like EN13814 and TüV-Süd guidelines,” says Theunisz.  The ”Crazy-X” carries up to 36 riders per cycle.  The center column of the ride lifts when the arms start rotating; during the high-speed rotation of the arms, the gondolas start to tilt outwards.  The gondolas can be tilted almost upside down while the arms spin.  The ”Crazy-X” is mounted on a semi-trailer, has backdrop scenery, an entrance platform, LED lighting, and features hydraulic setup that can be set up by 3 people.

The ”Crazy-X” is also available as a smaller version on only one semi-trailer.

In addition to these new rides, KMG has taken on a huge new program: the development of trailer-mounted Ferris wheels in three different sizes.  The smallest wheel is 31 meters (102 feet) tall, carries 24 open gondolas, and is mounted on two semi-trailers that can be fully set up without the use of a crane.  The trailers will be legal in weight and size.  A standard 31 meter wheel comes with a platform/entrance, an LED lighting package, safety screens on the gondolas, an LED screen on the center, a fully automated ride program, and hydraulic set up system.  “This is a complete new wheel concept which was developed in-house by KMG. This wheel can be set up with 4 people. Depending on the extras, configuration, and destination (country) this wheel could move on 3 semi-trailers,” says Theunisz.

The second wheel is 46 meters (151 feet) tall, carries 36 closed gondolas, transports on 7 semi-trailers and can also be fully set up without the use of a crane.  The trailers will be legal in weight and size.  The standard version of the 46 meter wheel comes with LED lighting on the spokes, rim, gondolas and masts, an LED screen on the center, an entrance platform, a backdrop, a fully automated ride program, and hydraulic set-up system.  The design of the set up system for this wheel comes from the KMG XXL and can be set up with 6 people.

The largest wheel will be a 70 meter (230 feet) tall wheel on 9 semi-trailers with 46 closed gondolas. It has the masts and set up system of the tallest transportable "Speed-32” (Airborne) ride. “This wheel is the biggest transportable wheel in the world,” Theunisz exclaims.  It comes with all the bells and whistles including an extensive LED package, automated loading system,  wireless-controlled hydraulic set up system, entrance platform with an optional canopy, a backdrop, a sound system, stainless steel fencing/queue-line, and an LED sign in the center of the wheel.  All trailers are legal and meet US DOT standards in most states.  This wheel can be set up with 6 people.

“All 3 wheels will get special (patented) spokes which make easy and light set up of the ride possible. The 70 meter wheel will be ready in early 2022 and will travel in Europe,” says Theunisz.

Rendering of KMG's 70m Giant Wheel

KMG and its customers are hopeful and have trust that a vaccine against the Coronavirus will be developed soon so the amusement industry can slowly reopen and go back to normal.  "We hope all of our current and future customers will survive this pandemic and we're looking forward to see them at future events.  As soon as we're allowed to travel to the United States again, I'll set up a tour to go see our customers and friends.  Additionally, KMG would like to wish its customers in the United States a Happy Thanksgiving during these hard times," says Theunisz.

New Rides Europe

Recently, the amusement ride company Lamberink announced that Theunisz is no longer representing Lamberink Wheels. “I decided to end the cooperation with Lamberink just a little over a month ago. I represented Lamberink for about 5 years and worked with them on multiple great projects for theme parks and carnivals. Lamberink and myself separated in a friendly manner,” says Theunisz.  His final project for Lamberink is the RL22 wheel for Drew Expositions in the US.  At time of publication, the wheel is being transported to the USA via a ship and it will arrive in Savannah, GA around November 22nd.

“In KMG I found a new source for new Ferris Wheels for my customers.  KMG has new wheel ideas and designs on the shelf which are very unique, innovative and easy to move.  That's what KMG is known for and that's why I strongly believe that KMG has developed a great new Ferris wheel concept that will fill a gap in the market for transportable Ferris wheels,” says Theunisz.  He encourages showmen or investors who are interested in a new KMG Ferris wheel to contact him for information, details, offers or any other questions anytime.

“It is time to move on and set goals for the (unprecedented) future which lays ahead.  New Rides Europe, and me, personally, hope that Covid-19 will soon be stopped so we can ‘Make your world go round!'.  My thoughts are with my customers who are experiencing hard times at the moment, here in Europe, the US and elsewhere in the World,” says Theunisz.
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