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IAAPA Expo 2022 Comes to a Close: Rides 4-U, Mondial, Preston & Barbieri Report Sales
Bob's Space Racers Showcases Attendant Free Games
Talley Amusements

Rides 4-U Introduced a new Drop Tower from SBF/Visa

Rides 4U - New & Used Rides
As the 2022 IAAPA Convention and Trade Show came to a close, the mood amongst all segments of the market was optimistic.  From manufacturers and suppliers to the parks and amusement sites themselves, there was a universal optimism about the coming season, despite challenges in labor, inflation and supply chain disruptions.

Manufacturers and suppliers were doing a brisk business, with many manufacturers unable to take orders for 2023 and even 2024 because of increased demand.  Parks and carnivals were planning well into the future, and some were even having difficulty spending money on new equipment because of the delays in delivery times.


Rides 4 U

Len Soled of Rides 4U was one of the exhibitors on the solidly positive side.  “We had great people coming through”, said Soled.”All segments of the market were strong including FECs, parks, and carnivals, it was a very good year,” he added. 

Soled does not seem to be one of the manufacturers hampered by delivery issues, relating they are fortunate with production and have slots available sooner than many other with the wide array of manufacturers they represent.

In fact, Ride 4 U had one of the largest booth spaces at the IAAPA show, filled with rides from their catalog.  A Barrels of Fun ride for Tweetsie Railroad took riders for a wild ride throughout the show.  The rides had new mold made just for the park.  FunLand had their new Drop N' Twist ride on display; Power's Great American had two new purchases: a Wipeout-style ride and a new Reverse Time ride. Finally, A Red Baron ride was on hand, going to El Salvador, showing Rides 4 U's international reach.

While the number of rides on display was impressive, Soled also reports numerous sales during the show.  Dreamland Amusements announced the purchase of a a 50' tower ride, Beauce Carnivale of Canada ordered a Reverse Time ride.  Malibu Jack's purchased a Drop N' Twist ride, a spinning coaster and a Reverse Time for their 5th location. Santa's Village purchased a spinning coaster as well and Land of Make Believe in NJ bought a Pirate 32.

Soled, who also represents KMG reported a Freak Out was recently delivered to Campy's Blue Star Amusements.

Soled said the amusement industry was going strong in 2022, with the customers he spoke to reporting season on par with or exceeding 2019.  That's good news for the industry as a whole.


Mondial's Hendrik Dijkstra was excited about the new Escape ride the company will be delivering soon.  The ride has a motion like an Orbiter but the seats have over the shoulder restrains, allowing feet and arms to swing freely as the ride is moving spinning them sideways and around the center.  It has a thrilling action, and coupled with effects like a fog machine and dazzling lights, it is expected to be a big hit. The first model is going to Germany in the near future.

Canada's Wonderland will be taking delivery of an Avalanche ride from Mondial.  The ride holds 40 people.  The ride also has over the shoulder restraints with free swinging arms and legs.  It has a large boat at the end of the pendulum that takes riders well over 100' in the air on most models.  The Avalanche has a unique ride experience and patented design that swings riders over the top and twists in every imaginable direction.

Mondial also advertised the 100' wheel they manufacture that can be moved up and down in 5 - 6 hours.  The ride takes 3 transports and only a small crane to erect.  Mondial is proud of the value of their attractions, Dijkstra reported that a 30 year old wheel they built recently sold for 3xs the original price!


Preston and Barbieri

Fransesco Ferrari and Lino Ferreti of the Italian company Preston and Barbieri were also seeing a lot of traffic and interest in their trade show booth.

 The company recently introduced their new Hyper Jump ride which will be going to Playland Park in Maine.   The park already has a Sea Viper ride from the company and the delivery of the Hyper Jump in March, the first in the US, will add to the company's presence there.

The Hyper Jump stands about 30 feet high and has a capacity of 36.  The cars have a variety of movements, including a long wave, short wave, and up and down motions. The ride has more movements than any similar ride and a bold look.

While a portable model has not been manufactured yet, the ride is expected to move on 1 1/2 or 2 trailers.

Recent sales for P&B include Wave Swinger rides to NAME and Deggeller attractions; Noah's Ark Park in the US also purchased a 40 ft. Carousel.



The trade show obviously includes more than rides, and trailer manufacturers like Waymatic were on hand to sell their food trailers and equipment.   David Easterwood of Waymatic said his company is only about 20 - 25 trailers, the rest is dedicated to custom metal fabrication. 

The company, like many others, has had challenges getting supplies for its projects, but they have managed to work through many of the challenges.

Waymatic will be exhibiting once again at the IISA trade show in Gibsonton, FL in February, a show dedicated primarily to the mobile amusement business.

Easterwood said Waymatic has been attending that show since 1970 or 71.  He said their company and Schantz were the 2 original trailer manufacturers and continue to this day.

The company started building specialty Coca Cola trailers in 1962 and concessionaires took notice of the quality of the product.  The company began getting inquiries to build other equipment and they have been in the trailer business ever since.


Bob's Space Racers

BSR's Jack Mendes said the focus this year has been on attendant-free games.  This was done as a result of the labor shortages all segments have been experiencing the past few years. 

Mendes said the large display with several games had been popular with attendees.  The game can be stocked with sample prizes but the winners can retrieve the stock at a redemption center.  The group of games takes only 1 attendant per 5 games, saving an enormous amount on labor costs.
Mendes said the attendant-free grouping of games is tied to the park's cashless system so it can operate smoothly within the facility's accounting system.
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