Giant Wheel Foreman Wanted Galaxy Amusement Sales
Waterloo Tent & Tarp JKJ Workforce
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Giant Wheel Foreman Wanted Galaxy Amusement Sales
Waterloo Tent & Tarp JKJ Workforce
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Carnivals Large and Small Add Equipment at 2023 Gibtown Trade Show
ADM, Dalton Kid Rides, Luna Park, Uni-Glide, Bertazzon and More

ADM Rides Debuts New Water Race
The water race is designed for small to large size shows.

Rides 4U - New & Used Rides Giant Wheel Foreman Wanted
One important aspect of the show and the business in general that is often overlooked is the growth of the small carnival.  Looking throughout the trade show, several people commented that the age of the visitor is noticeably younger than in past years.  While drilling down into these observations, we found that there are a lot of new and nearly new entrants into the business.  Most are not large scale carnivals but more like “40-milers” as they have been called.  They are able to operate a midway while also holding on to family life.  With smaller, easier to set up and tear down rides, their work week is also a lighter load.

Some of these entrants into the business have grown and purchased larger equipment as they found larger events, while others are happy to stay at the local level.  Whatever the business trajectory of these new shows, they are a force to be studied.

ADM Rides

ADM Rides - Chandler & Brian Woodke

This trend can be seen at manufacturer ADM Rides' display. ADM's space has grown steadily over the past several years and they are now one of the largest exhibitors at the show with several rides on display. 

New this year were a concession trailer and a water race game, smaller in size and stature than those found at state fairs, but large enough and attractive enough to have a nice showing on almost any midway.

Brian Woodke of ADM said his business has been exploding, with orders from all over the country.  Woodke says his primary customer is “the rental and smaller carnival market”.  He said he supplies rides and concessions at an affordable price, something the smaller operations can purchase, without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank.

Woodke's Concession trailer was sold to Badgerland and the Lemonade to Gary and Jody Montgomery.

The Mini Pirate went to Scott's Amusements, the Cyclone Swings to ACP Entertainment, and the Mind Winder to Ragland Productions. 

Robert Salerno of All Around Amusements bought a Cyclone and a Pirate, Michael Albanese purchased a Cyclone and Mind Winder and Badgerland also bought a new funnel cake.

A Pirate ship was sold to a show in Illinois and Premier Bounce and Slides bought a new slide they are rolling out.

The Treasure Island water race was also a big success.  ADM sold 4 versions of the game by show's end.


Worldwide Services

Jim Ziaja reported a sale of an Orbiter to Campbell Amusements of Canada and another Orbiter to Powers' Great American Midways. 

Ziaja said the show was a success and allowed him to spend quality time with show operators.


Equipment Solutions Int'l

As we reported last week, ESI's Swing ride was much talked about on the trade Showgrounds.   The unit on display is going to Wright's Amusements, with other versions going to Trans America Show, Brown's Amusements, MidWest Shows and at the end of the show another unit was sold to Stevie Ianni of Red Carpet Amusements.

Tommy Coffing, who was assisting ESI in their booth, also reported sales of Kolmax Plus Jumpin' Jumbos to Deggeller Attractions, Mitchell Brothers, Tod King McWhorter and Midwest Midways. A Kolmax coaster was also sold to Danny Brown of Brown's Amusements.  


Dalton Kid Rides

Dalton, makers of the famous Hampton kiddie rides, had a ride on display at the show and the company's Kevin Dalton said production spots had been taken through 2023 and he would be shortly taking orders for 2024.

On display was a Jump Cycle ride, sold to the whimsically named ILand Amusements. Dalton will also be delivering a Jump Cycles to Bill Johnson of Fantasy Amusements and Dreamland Amusements will be taking delivery of four Hampton rides that will be racked on a large trailer.  The set of 4 will serve as a nice addition to kiddieland.

Kevin & Russel Dalton, Dalton Kid Rides

Dalton, who struggles with finding adequate workers for the shop, has had to scale back on production some and therefore can only deliver a smaller amount of equipment each year than in the past, creating the longer delivery window.



Doug Dills of UniGlide reported a couple of new trailers to be delivered this year.  The Skerbeck family is taking delivery of a 22' Funnel Cake trailer and 24' food trailer will be delivered to Brian Bradbury of Sweet Cheeks, LLC.



The Italian manufacturer who has previously announced sales to the US market at IAAPA, said they would also be delivering a bumper car ride to Canada.  The company said they received quite a bit of interest in the Wave Swinger and Himalaya rides as well.


Luna Park

Luna Park had a beautiful wheel on display that had been sold to Lynam Amusements of New Jersey.  Others looking forward to 2024 deliveries include Snyder's Attractions, A & P Enterprises, Egyptian Expositions, and Shooting Star Amusements.

Izabela Smith of the company said they will return to Gibtown again in 2024 with another Wonder Wheel and possibly some additional attractions after a positive experience at the trade show. 

Smith said that during Covid, she was unable to come to the US because of travel restrictions but it turned out Germany, and Europe in general, were strong during that time.

Announced at the show is a new ride for the company, a 90' Swing Tower ride.  Luna Park hopes to have one on display next year at the show.  The ride will travel on only one trailer and the first version in the US has been sold to James Gang Amusements.


Bobs Space Racers

Tony Cassata of Bob's Space Racers said the “industry is looking strong for this year.  All indications are pointing towards strong season.” Cassata cited the success of some of the early fairs including the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach and the Fort Worth Stock Show as positive signs.

BSR will be delivering a Top Glow water race to Robbie Hauser of West Coast Amusements and the Skerbeck family purchased a center Top Glo.

Retired BSR founder Bob Cassata retuned to Gibtown after a several year absence, looking as good as ever.  He held court in his booth and greeted friends and customers who were all too happy to see him at the show.

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