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Giant Wheel Foreman Wanted Galaxy Amusement Sales
Waterloo Tent & Tarp JKJ Workforce
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Amusement Wraps Releases New Line of Hand Sanitizer Units & Reopening Signage for Carnivals and Amusement Parks

Fence Mounted Touchless Hand Sanitizer Units are Now Available
Amusement Wraps will custom design the graphics on the back plate to match your image.

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The team at Amusement Wraps is pleased to announce the roll-out of new products to comply with the ever changing landscape of re-opening amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customers can currently order touch-free  hand sanitizing stations for ride fences, free standing pole units, and concession/game trailer counter units, all with custom signage to remind guest about social distancing guidelines.

Other products include disinfectant that can kill the coronavirus on surfaces in 45 seconds and sanitizing station refills. Following CDC guidelines and IAAPA publications, they are attempting to ensure that guests, event sponsors, and public officials understand their carnival, park or event is taking safety and wellness seriously.

With the manufacturing of new funhouses in full swing, having the additional manufacturing equipment has helped in the production of these new sanitizing units.  

With some states already beginning to open, some of the current local requirements are touch-free sanitizing stations at the entrance and exit of rides. Carts are being developed to ensure the dispensers are racked for easy collection at the end of the show and easy loading for transport to the next event.  Using the automatic dispenser results in less than one half cent per use opposed to gallon pump dispensers that are about 5 cents per pump.

In addition to designing the hardware, Amusement Wraps staff members can process orders for refills on sanitizers.  

Amusement Wraps' founder, Chuck Wheeler, said he wanted to make sure the demand can be met within a reasonable time by using the company that supplies the largest amusement parks in the country.  Current orders will be shipping next week and according to their supplier, orders placed this week should be shipping in time for July 4th events.  Fence mounted hand sanitizer units are available for $115 each which includes the aluminum fence mounting plate and touch-free dispenser.  Free standing posts with  1/2” steel plate base with feet and 1 1/2” square tubing will be $95. The fence hand sanitizing units are designed to fit the post too.  The fence and post sanitizing stations are ADA compliant and designed to be locked to the fence for security when needed.

When deciding on the type of sanitizer to use in the touch-free dispensers Amusement Wraps chose a foaming, CDC approved, alcohol-based product.  “Our supplier is awaiting certification on a concentrate that can be mixed on location and use a refillable - refill container for the dispensers.  This would allow for the containers to be collected each evening, refilled, and distributed  back to the dispensers to start each day with all stations being full.  The mixing station is designed to refill containers using a closed system and the sanitizer does not come in contact with outside air.“, said Wheeler.

Amusement Wrap's re-opening line also includes graphics and signage for social distancing awareness, anti-microbial wrap to be applied to lap bars and game counters as well as custom sneeze guards and barriers where needed.  

Between research and listening to industry leaders the Amusement Wraps family has been working hard to provide the assets carnivals and parks will need to move forward in this difficult situation.

All re-opening products are able to be customized and wrapped for each customers' branding in order to provide a seamless transition to the midway.

Amusement Wrap's re-opening line is now available, call the office at 740-442-7800 or Chuck at 740-550-9963 with questions or to place an order.
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