Giant Wheel Foreman Wanted Galaxy Amusement Sales
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Giant Wheel Foreman Wanted Galaxy Amusement Sales
Waterloo Tent & Tarp JKJ Workforce
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Magic Money
2023 Gibtown Trade Show Wraps Up: Amid Optimism, Can the Industry Work Together?
Majestic Introduces New Bunk Houses, Gosetto Announces Sales and More..
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As the 2023 IISA Trade Show wound down, there was a lot to be optimistic about and some things to be worried about.  Show attendance was solid, as it has been in past years and exhibitors were plentiful, though some, especially ride manufacturers, did not have the equipment at the show they used to have.  But they did attend and interact with customers and most importantly, take orders for sales far into the future.  That is the optimistic side.

On the more worrisome side, there are two issues looming on the horizon.

One is inflation.  Some have said that the rises in prices for consumers, especially everyday necessities such as eggs, might put a squeeze on entertainment spending.  Shows and concessionaires were reporting a sharp rise in credit card sales, but when asked, they weren't sure whether the rise came primarily from credit cards or debit cards as well, which would indicate more people are using cards, but directly using their bank accounts.

The other issue, which is unfortunately self-inflicted, is the possibility of making plans that conflict with each other during the Florida State Fair weeks. Rumors were flying that organizations were planning events on different weeks, forcing attendees and guests to either stay two weeks or choose a week.  With a small industry, it is difficult to understand how dividing the attendees between two weeks will serve to benefit the industry at large.  It seems inevitable that many events, or possibly all events, will feel the effect of making attendees choose which activities to patronize.  Hopefully industry organizations can work together and find a solution that benefits the business as a whole.

Photo by Steve Hinz


Showmen's Supply / Semcor Mfg.

Jason Skurow of Showmen's Supplies said his company was buoyed by the enthusiasm of show owners and carnival companies.
He reported several of his customers are looking to secure production slots for the Owen and Semcor/Gull Wing Power Generation lines far into 2024.

With rides and generators, plus electrical components being snapped up at a steady pace, there is a lot for Skurow to look forward to.

Photo by Steve Hinz

“There seems like (there is) a lot of optimism and momentum heading into the new season carrying over from last.  The manufacturing side of the business remains strong and we're excited to be stocking even more ride parts this year.  The supply chain is becoming more predictable and although costs continue to rise in many areas, they aren't nearly as dramatic and sporadic as we've seen the last few years.  It was great as always to be able to spend time in a relaxed environment with our friends and customers at the show.”


Magic Money

Zack Enright of Magic Money was enthusiastic about the show and the attendees.  He believes his company is well positioned to help carnivals save on labor costs by eliminating ticket sellers as well as bring technological updates to carnivals and fairs.

“This was the best show to date, we had tremendous interest from new carnivals we haven't spoken to before as well as finished signing on 4 brand new carnivals we had been in talks with, “said Enright.

“Magic Money will be on 25-plus routes this year working at over 600 fair/carnival setups across the country. We expect to process over $350 million this year between our carnival and fair partners,” he added.



Cole Shows purchased a two-story Fun House as did Fiesta Shows in New England, Powers and Thomas and an amusement park in Ghana.  Four story Fun Houses are being produced for Holland and France.

Marco Polo, a new ride from Gosetto, is a three-in-one movement ride.   The cars move around, jump up and down and swing all at the same time!   The gondolas have 4 seats and passengers can sit in front of each other or two in front and two behind.  The ride is positioned for the family market.

Marco Polo rides are being delivered to parks in Finland and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where a new Monster Jam ride will also be delivered.

Dark Rides, a Gosetto staple, are being built for parks in California (Treasure Land) and France LePal. 

A new number Car building will also be delivered to Ghana.

Gosetto has taken the American dark ride and fun house market by storm and new rides are being added to carnival midways and parks across the country.


Majestic Manufacturing

Vince Kudler of Majestic Manufacturing said his company has been busy dealing with supply chain and labor issues but demand remains steady and the company is taking orders well into 2024.

The iconic Scooter manufacturer has continued selling these classic amusement rides as well as working on some specialty park projects but what you may not know is Majestic has entered the bunkhouse market for the mobile amusement industry,

It started with a discussion with Tom Talley of Talley Amusements who brought Kudler a wish list of items he would like to see in a bunkhouse.  Coupled with new Department of Labor requirements coming into effect, the bunkhouse posed a challenge for Kudler.

Kudler said Majestic builds their own trailer frames, their own doors and even their own holding tanks, so they can be confident of the workmanship in all aspects of the trailer.   

The bunkhouses have emergency escape windows, air ride suspension and brakes, 3 showers per unit, as well as all electrical and lines built into conduit not the walls so they have easy access for repairs.  Add 2” thick Owens Corning insulation and a cantina on the back, and you have a trailer built with some great new features.

The bunks in each room are 6'3” tall so there is plenty of space below for tables, chairs and furniture.  Each room also features a refrigerator and sink.

The second bunkhouse is being built for Talley and Kudler says he makes improvements with each one he builds, learning throughout the process.  John Ring, hearing about the new bunkhouses, has also placed an order with Majestic.
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