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2020 IISF Trade Show Wraps Up - New Dates Announced for 2021 Show
Waterloo announces a NAME midway re-theme; Ride manufacturers summarize new ride sales

KMG No Limit
Sold to Pride of Texas Shows

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The final day of the IISF trade show, despite pleasant weather, was slow on traffic as vendors began tearing down booths and heading home.  A trickle of people came through the show, finalizing deals and making plans for the upcoming year. 

2021 poses a dilemma for Florida week as the Super Bowl will once again be held in Tampa on Feb. 7 next year.  The state fair has already committed to moving ahead a week, to get away from the Super Bowl dates and CarnivalWarehouse.com can now confirm the dates of the IISF trade show will be President's Day week, Tuesday through Friday, February 16 – 19, 2021. 

Waterloo & NAME

Waterloo and North American Midway Entertainment announced an exciting new project where Waterloo will be designing and building new canvas tops for all NAME concessionaires and company owned equipment.  Blake Houston of NAME and Cody Downs of Waterloo worked together on the project for the last several months.  Huston was looking for a new and fresh, yet simple design with not too many colors, for canvas on the show.

“We went through about 10 different designs and color options before we settled on the right one”, related Downs.  The result is a canvas design in line with NAME's branding but with a new, fresh uniform look.

According to Downs, NAME will be requiring the canvas for all concessionaires for the coming season, including game tops, game trailers, bally cloths, valances, corner pies and other items.

“Blake has been incredible to work with”, said Downs, adding that many NAME concessionaires have already gotten a head start on ordering, and canvas is in production.

Another exciting new product coming from Waterloo is their new Apollo Truss System.  “Truss is becoming a big deal in our industry”, said Pete Downs, Waterloo's President.  He said Waterloo has designed square, triangle and now round iterations of the truss design. 

The new round design with a tall, peak top has curved legs to fit the look and can be set up as an open entrance area for a game like a duck pond or with rails for games like a ring a bottle or bottle up.

“We have received a lot of interest in the round design”, said Downs.  Gold Star Amusements will be taking delivery of the first model.  Gold Star saw the design at IAAPA and will be Waterloo's first implementation.  Based upon feedback from the company, they will make improvements to the design as times goes by. 

As if that wasn't enough news from Waterloo, they also revealed the purchase of a dye sublimation printer that has the ability to use heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric.  Waterloo uses the printer to dye polyester instead of vinyl which comes out with a kind of matte finish.  The resulting product is lighter and more flexible.  Dalton Kid Rides had one of the new tops on display at the show.  The new tops only weigh about 40 lbs and takes one person to set up as opposed to the usual vinyl tops that weigh 80 lbs and take 3 people to set up. 

“People are mesmerized by the tops”, said Downs, who will be reviewing the performance of the product for durability as his clients take them on the road.


Kolmax Plus

Kolmax Plus had another successful year at the show.  Continuing to build on the success of their first year in Gibtown, where they took 28 orders for rides, they have expanded their product line and are servicing new customers.

This year, the company sold Tea Cup rides to Marenna Amusements of Connecticut, another to RCS, this version with a roof, and a Bee-themed version of the ride to Judy Otterbacher of Big O Amusements.  That new version of the Tea Cup ride will be on display at the show in 2021.

The company also sold a carousel to Deggeller Attractions and a new-style Miami ride with electric drive was also sold to Deggelller and Rainbow Amusements.

Kolmax said they would be introducing a new “Mystery Ride” to their lineup soon and planned to display it at the show next year.  The ride, reported to be a Break-Dance type attraction, has already been sold to Alex Arnold of Arnold Amusements, Power's Great American Midways, Ray Cammack Shows and once again, Deggeller Attractions.

The popular Flying Elephants ride had a new twist where it is mounted on a trailer along with a tea cup ride on the neck of the trailer that can be taken off by a forklift.  This version was sold to Blake Houston of the Mid-America Unit of NAME.

Jung Max, an affiliated company that displays with Kolmax, produces a Dragon Coaster and a version was sold to Marenna Amusements. 

Another partner, Flachs Rides, had a 50 ft. Wheel onsite that one again, was sold to Deggeller Attractions. 

The company plans to build a new 80' version that will also travel on one trailer, and will debut at the trade show here next year.  They have already sold two of the wheels, one to an undisclosed buyer and a second to Robert Briggs of Modern Midways. 


Rides 4-U

Len Soled left the show early on Saturday to travel to Miami where he is consulting with Ben Pickett of Ray Cammack Shows who is said to be installing an all new Giant Wheel in Miami near the cruise ship port.

Soled called in to say traffic had been a little light at the trade show but the company had a successful show.  They made two international deals, selling a Samba Balloon to a customer in England and a Quasar to a customer in Mexico. 

On grounds, the Crazy Cars are going to Stewart Amusements of Connecticut.  This is the third trailer mounted unit sold and the 10th unit overall.  The small footprint of the ride makes it an ideal piece for places where space is at a premium.

The Jack Hammer, a kiddie tower-type ride made by Visa, is being sold to All Around Amusements in Chicago.

Also on display was the Sky Flyer Micro Coaster which was sold to Eric Bates in Ohio.  The coaster has a small footprint and runs very quietly, making it ideal for themed restaurants and non-traditional installations.



KMG had a re-themed Freak Out called No Limit on the grounds that is going to Pride of Texas Shows.  KMG has a busy production schedule with a Freak Out going to Paul Mauer Shows in March and another to RC Cole of Cole Shows in May.  In August, Butler Amusements will be taking delivery of an Afterburner 2.0. 

KMG has sustained success with the company's one trailer Freak Out across the world.  At the trade show, three more Freak Outs were sold including one to Powers & Thomas for a December 2020 delivery, one to Blue Sky Amusements for a January 2021 delivery, and another to Tufano Amusements for a February 2021 delivery. 

 “It was a great show for me”, said KMG's Peter Theunisz.

The company sold its first X-Drive to a US Showman with the first being delivered to Bishop Amusements during the 2021 IISF Trade Show.  The piece is scheduled to be on display at the show and will make its midway debut with Ray Cammack Shows shortly after.

Theunisz reported that he is in negotiations with a US showman on re-designed Move-It 24, however, a deal has not been finalized.


Luna Park

Izabela Smith had a “very successful” event with two new sales at the show.  One of the sales is under a non-disclosure agreement but the second sale, a wheel, will be going to American Banner Amusements.

On grounds, the one wheel was sold to Frazier Shows, a repeat customer, and the other went to a rental customer, Big Round Wheel LLC. 

The company has had a lot of success with their 50 foot wheel which takes 2 people 2 1/2 hours to set up and travels on one trailer.  According to Smith, many small and medium sized carnivals use the wheel as their centerpiece for the midway and several have used the wheel as a rental for parties and even films.  In fact, one customer, Lisko Family Amusements, booked their wheel for a Netflix Streaming Show. 

The company is working on a larger wheel, proposed to be 64' tall.  In addition to the wheels, they sell carousels, circus trains, Flying Elephants, Dragon Coasters and Bumper Cars. They are also working on a new spectacular/family ride which they are hoping to debut at the show next year. 

The ride is being built and will join their family carnival operating in Poland in April.  Like all rides sold by Luna Park, it will be extensively tested in the field before going on sale to the public.


Showmen Supplies

Showmen's Supplies had a variety of new solutions to talk about this year. They used the show as an opportunity to show off a lot of the innovative LED technology that their Italian partners Fun Led bring to the table.  Showmen's has been happy about the consistent high standards of the Italian manufacturing and the level at which they continue to innovate and raise the bar. They reported some lighting packages sold at the show and have a lot of customers with whom they will be working when they return to the office.

Showmen's Supplies has also begun manufacturing drive cables to help fill a gap with O'Connors departure from the scene, filling a void in the supply line,  They said they understand consistent quality and an uninterrupted supply is extremely important to carnivals and they are happy to be delivering results.

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