Profile of Schlitterbahn, Corpus Christi

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
With a large campus – almost as big as the Texas sky –Schlitterbahn resorts offer plenty of waterpark fun. New Braunfels is the original waterpark and resort, located in the Hill Country of central Texas. The park features 51 attractions on 70 acres, and serves as Schlitterbahn’s flagship location. Other park locations are in Corpus Christi, Galveston, and South Padre Island, Texas as well as in Kansas City, Kansas.

At the New Braunfels location, there are essentially two parks in one, west and east. The park began in what is now the west section, on the banks of the Comal River, where tube chutes, rides, tube slides and pools utilize spring-fed river water at a somewhat cool 72 degrees. There are heated pools as well and a swim-up refreshment bar; the resort’s well-known castle is located here. A quick tram ride takes guests to the east side of the park where newer attractions such as the Blastenhoff, Surfenberg, and Tubenbach areas of the park are located.

But speaking of new, wave technology is at its pinnacle at the newest member of the Schlitterbahn family of parks, the Corpus Christi location. Here, as in New Braunfels, guests find multiple attractions as well: the waterpark of course, a resort hotel, and golf course. The river inspired "RIVERpark" let’s guests swim, tube, and splash through waves, currents, chutes, and whitewater.

There are 7 river features and plenty of kid’s play areas, including splash zones, the Buccaneer Bay shallow water play area, and Little Skippers Cove, too. Older kids and adults alike enjoy favorites that include an impressive giant flume ride called the Padre Plunge, which offers two massive boats that carry up to 15 riders 49-feet in the air. As exhilarating as a roller coaster on final descent, guests take in the view, then the ride plunges them to the ground at 32 mph, creating a 20-foot-tall wall of water.

Ever popular is the Torrent River, a continuous wave ride that sends a tidal wave through a canyon-like waterway every 20 seconds, taking tubers and swimmers on rolling, roiling wave lifts. There’s also the Sky Blaster, one of two major blaster towers. It’s46 feet high and 385 feet long.

Blitz Falls creates the experience of whitewater river tubing with rapids, dips, and turns taking riders on an exciting float all the way to Krystal River, a more relaxing tube ride spot. Smooth but fast-moving, Krystal River is a family friendly float designed for more leisurely riders.

And of course, would-be surfers can catch a ride on the Boogie Bahn. The ride is based on the first inland surfing ride invented at Schlitterbahn, and it’s an unusual waterpark attraction in that guests can get better on it with practice. The surfing path is 20 feet wide with 50,000 gallons of water per minute creating a thin water sheet for surfing fun.

Throughout this park, there’s over a mile of rivers accessible by 16 beaches and interconnected with each other.
Also at the Corpus Christi location is the Resort at Schlitterbahn, a summer family destination with a Splash.Sleep.Repeat offer that includes waterpark admission during waterpark season. A stay also means easy access to the Schlitterbahn Golf Course, a lush nine-hole game that draws visitors and locals alike.

According to Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi marketing director Amy Gazin, there are no new rides or upgrades planned for 2018. “We are the newest Schlitterbahn waterpark in the company, so we have no plans at this time to add any new rides or attractions,” she attests.

Instead, the newest park is focusing on marketing to attendees. “We use a variety of marketing and advertising options at Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi including conventional print ads, social media primarily with Facebook, and lots of specific promotions geared towards certain segments of our attendees. A good example of this would be a $10 discount we are offering the Boy Scouts of South Texas on Sunday May 6, 2018 to come play at our bahn. This is a digital coupon with a specific barcode which helps me track the ROI. It will be sent via ongoing eBlasts to the nearly 7,000 Boy Scouts in South Texas,” Gazinexplains. “Folks wishing to take advantage of this unique savings will be able to print the coupon at home and bring it with them to our admissions gate. They can also present the coupon using their mobile phone and we can scan the barcode at our admissions gate. We like these types of promotions, as we get to specifically target a certain niche population of guests.”

But these targeted promotions aren’t the only way the park advertises. “We also utilize outdoor billboards, radio spots and TV spots throughout our waterpark season,” Gazin reports.

Gazin says the biggest change that’s occurred in regard to Schlitterbahn Riverpark & Resort Corpus Christi is that as it’s now entering a 3rd season as a completed waterpark “This location has become a ‘household’ name in the Coastal Bend.”

Of course, every fun-packed park also needs some space for guests to kick back and relax and watch the world splash by; to that end Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi includes amenities such as two luxury cabana locations. At Bob’s Cabana Bay, guests can enjoy table service and a swim-up refreshment bar, at Cabana Island, guests have an up-close view of Torrent River.

A dining highlight is the park’s Verandah Restaurant that features a wide, seafood-centric menu with chowders, salads, and entrees as diverse as Shrimp Alfredo, and regional favorite Red Drum Pontchartrain,blackened and topped with a creamy Cajun sauce with scallops, crawfish, crab and shrimp. Traditional favorites such as pizza and burgers are on the menu too, along with a wide selection of South of the Border favorites like enchiladas.

Splash happy families and groups are drawn to the park with its adept wave technology and sparkling waters, Gazin relates. “We are proud to have attracted families from all over South Texas who now make an annual summer visit to this location. It’s truly an honor to help families create special memories that will last a lifetime.”