KMG Releases new design for Move It-32 Ride
Friday, June 8, 2018
In 1996, Dutch ride manufacturer, KMG, debuted the Move It-32 in Best, Netherlands. At the time, this was the first ride of its type in the world with its unique design, ride motion, and engineering. The ride was very popular among showmen in Europe due to its high impact design, ease to set up and teardown, and its high capacity ride cycles at 32 persons per cycle (over 1000 riders per hour). Later, Tivoli began producing a smaller, yet similar version of the ride, the Spin Out.

This week, KMG announced a new concept for the Move It-32, based on the same action as the first model, but with state of the art engineering and design techniques.

KMG says, "The new Move It-32 is lighter in weight, easier to set up and uses less power so the new version will be much more efficient. Modern drive units, electric motors, safety systems and new construction all meet the latest safety rules of EN13814 and TüV guidelines. Hydraulic systems will be replaced for electric systems as much as possible and this Move It-32 will be environmental friendly."

The Move It-32 travels on 3 (road legal) semi-trailers and can be set up in 6 hours with three people without the use of a crane.

The ride will be complete with full background scenery, an operator booth, sound system, RGB LED lighting, stainless steel fencing, TüV approval, and more.

KMG and are now taking orders for the new attraction with the next delivery available in 2020.

Move It 32

KMG Rendering

Move It-32