Wednesday, June 3, 2020 3:11:54 PM
Got me to thinking about amusing situations that might come about from covid19, social distancing, and all the rules carnivals/fairs may face.

1. Plexiglass barriers between riders in one tub
2. Someone to do "vomit" patrol on the midway, hey its a biohazard now even more.
3. Of course ticket boxes already had bio shields, but what about that poor Scrambler dud out in the hot sun going around and locking tubs? (all ride jocks have to wear face shields now all day)
4. Clean every dart, basketball, baseball, ring, etc. after every play. (yeah that will happen)
5. Wash stock daily with cleaners to kill covid 19
6. The entire midway will be fenced in queue lines from the gate, to each ride, concession, game with six feet apart signs on the ground. (better get ready show owners, you will need an extra 15 loads just for fencing and signage).

What thoughts have you all?

And this is in "fun", not to make light of the bad situation, just thought we could use a laugh.


The following ride jocks will need their health (and maybe life) insurance upgraded so they can keep customers from bumping into each other:

Swing operators (yes even the Vertigo operators, hint just hang on)
Bumper Car operators
Bumper Boat
Tagada (well don't think there is one in the USA)

Tempest operators will now only be allowed to put one person in each tub.
Wednesday, June 3, 2020 5:19:32 PM
All the money would need to be laundered (instead of just half...)
Ride the Zipper?