Larry Smith
Sunday, October 19, 2003 6:24:53 AM
Okay after some much needed sleep I am now ready to finish my report for yesterday....[:D] On the midway for this year is Reithoffer Shows along with book-ons by Arnold Amusements. There were a total of 69 rides on the midway this year which is the highest in quite some time.I also had the opportunity to do some close up experiments as well like answer the question of whether or not the Tango is better than the Power Surge as both rides were here,but for now here is the list:

1. Flip N Out (Had LONG lines all day..)
2. Super Himalaya (IMHO the fastest one out there.....)
3. Chance Giant Wheel
4. Indy 500 coaster (Old Flitzer rethemed)
5. Moscow Circus
6. Sizzler #1 (I dunno who owned it but it looked terrible...)
7. Thunderbolt (This ride needs retirement really bad.)
8. Yo Yo
9. Tilt A Whirl
10.1001 Nachts (Arnold)
11.KMG Wild Claw (Ride is slowly starting to show some wear..)
12.Twister (Arnold rethemed Mulligan Swings - Nice artwork)
13.Larson Fireball
14.KMG Tango (2nd longest lines out there..)
15.Orbiter (Arnold)
16.Spider (Arnold)
17.Wisdom Storm (Question about it below..)
18.Haunted Mansion (NEW)
19.Wisdom Tornado
20.Glass House (Arnold?)
21.Starship 2000
22.Gravity Storm
23.Pharaoh's Fury
25.Titanic Slide
26.Scooter 2700
27.Fun Slide (Arnold)
28.Hofbrau Haus
30.Grand Carousel
31.Sizzler #2 (Pretty sure its Reithoffers..)
32.Cliff Hanger
33.Sling Shot
34.Scooter#2 (Has Playworld Unlimited on the side...)
35.Power Surge
36.Witches Castle Darkride
37.Dragon Wagon
38.Cuckoo Haus
39.Eli Eagle 16 (Arnold)
40.Mini Indy
41.Crazy Bus
42.Rockin Tug (OMG was there a line on this...)
43.Zipper #2 (This one was Arnolds millenium model..)
45.Speedway (Arnolds)
46.Jurassic Survivor
47.Dizzy Dragons
48.Demolition Derby
49.Orient Express
50.Mini Himalaya
51.Bear Affair (Arnold)
52.Bumble Bee Bop
53.Jumping Jumbos
54.Moser Jumping Star
55.Crystal Lil's
56.Chance Century Wheel
58.Scooby Do WT
59.Hot Pink Slide
60.Samba Balloons
61.Rat Race Inflatable
62.Scooter #3 (Arnold....looked nice)
63.Bear Affair #2
64.Speedway #2
65.Go Gator (Arnold)
66.Jumping Star #2
68.Super Truck Stop

Oops I miscounted...68 total......but with a midway this large whos gonna tell huh????[:p]

I rode both the Tango and the Power Surge and IMHO I think the Tango gives the best ride but those seats have to go....I mean I almost ended my breeding career with that latch on the front[:0]. Other than that the Tango is much better.

I wonder where Marconi's Touchdown and Cape Fear are at this year? They have been coming here for a few years now...Anyone know by chance? Well I am off to the store for now so i can recharge for next weeks events. I have pics from both places and hope to get them up by the end of the week.......

Sunday, October 19, 2003 7:07:13 AM
Thanks Larry....
Nice Line up!

From your list Reithoffer had 48 of the 68 pieces there.

Couple of questions. You mentioned the Moser Jumping Star. Did you mean Zamperela Jumping Star? I know Reithoffer has a Zamperla Jumping Star.

What is the Racing you mentioned? Kiddie ride or an adult ride? I'm assuming because there are 2 listed one is Reithoffers?

Sunday, October 19, 2003 7:10:17 AM
Sounds Great! [:p][:D]
very Nice trip report! [;)]

Yes I agree with you! The Tango gives a Great ride! [:p][:D]
And yes, those seats have to go! After I rode it! I was wondering if I could ever have kids! [B)]
Its a much better ride for women! lol [;)]
  •  britt
  • 97.84% (Exalted)
  • Operations Foreman
Sunday, October 19, 2003 7:20:57 AM
marconi's cape fear and touchdown are at the nc state fair. saw them friday and both pieces looked sharp. cape fear was doing great and touchdown seemed to be doing good. cape fear looked totally different from last time i saw it. it was left on our fairgrounds before being sold. looked to be completely redone outside and had a spook on top scaring patrons. touchdown looked good from a distance as i watched the tractor pull.
Larry Smith
Sunday, October 19, 2003 12:09:53 PM
No Tornado there was two of them there. I was confused myself. It could be Arnolds though. Maybe Chris can shed some light on that a little bit for us. The Moser one (At least it looks like something they would create anyways....LOL)looks like a smaller version of the ARM Super Shot I saw in Mobile,just considerably smaller. It is decorated in patriotic colors and looked awesome at night when lit up. both of them were back-to-back on the midway.

Speaking of towers I forgot to mention that I rode both the Super Shot in Mobile and the Sling Shot in Pensacola and IMHO there is no contest. The Sling Shot is much better ride mainly due to the ride being a little taller and the seats being slightly more comfortable. being comfortable is important to me due to the fact I am 6-3 and 245.[:D].
Sunday, October 19, 2003 12:18:47 PM
Thanks Larry...

Ok so there was a Moser jumping Star and a Zamperla Jumping Star there. Reithoffer has a Zamperla Jumping Star so the other had to be Arnolds.

What is the ride called Racing? I see there was 2 of them there.

Larry Smith
Sunday, October 19, 2003 12:46:48 PM
Well the plot thickens. My sources told me that Arnold does not own a kiddy drop tower so maybe its one of Reithoffers new purchases maybe??
The Racing ride is just like the Speedway just diffrent themed. I counted 4(2 Speedway and 2 Racing),way too many if you ask me.
  •  JimmyD
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Tuesday, October 21, 2003 7:15:55 PM
Hey Matt S,

Well it is good to be back, I havent been on in a while. For the Drop tower that was there painted in the patriotic colors I am guessing that it is Patty's new Lighthouse Drop tower, as you recall it is red and white tower and looks more like a Supershot than the Jumping Star, but they are both built by Zamperla. As for the Racing Kiddie ride, they are the same as a speedway just built by a different manufacturer, Cartarzi, is the builder of them. Billy Clark has one of the first ones they built.

Jimmy D
James Dillman III
Dillman Family Rides Inc.
Wednesday, October 22, 2003 3:38:51 AM
Hey Jimmy D.,

how has everything been? I hope you and your family are having a great ending to the season! Looking forward to seeing you next year. Will you be attending the Florida State fair? I might make trip down this year. Have not been in a few years, need to go!

Well it would be hard to believe Patty sent that down there? While the Blue Unit was in Pensacola the Orange Unit was in Union South Carolina and South Boston Virginia. I'm guessing that Paty needed all his stuff for though 2 spots. Besides, I've seen Patty new Zamperela Light House Tower. It is Red and White with Red lights. Didn't look to patriotic, at least ot me.
Also, Patty told me why they got rid of the Zamerela Engery Storm, but I can,t and won't say on here. Sorry Guys...
Larry Smith
Wednesday, October 22, 2003 8:12:08 AM
Well I know the few years the Energy Storm was here it did not have very big lines. Dunno why though because it was a pretty intense ride.

The colors on the towerare red and white and if i remembered right there was some blue as well. I had been there like 6-7 hours when I came up upon it so that coulda been why.......[:D]
  •  JimmyD
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Wednesday, October 22, 2003 4:11:41 PM
Hey Matt,

We are doing ok, we are in Lake City Fl with J&J. We dont open here till next Tuesday. We have one more spot before we head home for the year. I hope you make it down to the Fl State Fair, I go every year, it is hard to divide my time between the State Fair and the Trade show. But since I live in Tampa that makes it easier for me. I look forward to seeing you there. and talk to you later. as for the Tower ride, I think your right about Patty not sharing it, but the description that Larry Smith is giving sounds remarkably like it, Red and White Tower, with a Blue Base as I recall. Anyway talk to you later.

Jimmy D
James Dillman III
Dillman Family Rides Inc.
Thursday, October 23, 2003 3:55:20 AM
Jimmy D,

nice to hear you and the family are doing OK! I have your contact info. If I can make it down to FSF I get in touch. I hope to go, but nothing at this point is for sure... Have to wait and see!

Matt S.
Thursday, October 23, 2003 6:33:10 AM
I drove 6 hours from Atlanta to go to the fairs in Pensacola and Mobile. As usual, the fair in Mobile ROCKED!!! Pensacola, well it's another year of the same old stuff. Reithoffer seems to be wearing out their welcome at the fair in Pensacola. Many of the fair employees were not happy with Reithoffer this year. One employee that works in the office even stated the rides that were in "presentable" shape for the fair were not even owned by Reithoffer and it might be the last year they come to Pensacola. I remember when Reithoffer rocked this fair, now they just seem to be trying to fill a spot. The fair employees didn't have much to say in way of praise to the operator but it also seems that Reithoffer didn't have much to say about the fair either. I had a chat with several of the Reithoffer guys and a couple said it might be their last year in Pensacola if the fair people keep on their ***** the way they have been. "They should let us run the midway the way we know how to like we did for years and not tell us how they want us to run it for them." I think I offended the Reithoffer employees though, I just stated that the show isn't the same as it was when they signed the contract for the fair. Before, they brought in many rides that filled the midway that were CLEAN and 100% lit and they were rides that you just didn't see at any other fair but now the only rides that were at least 95% lit and hosed off were the newer rides and most could be found over in Mobile in better condition. Not to mention the downsize of the midway by way of at least 20 rides over the past 10 years. Hugely popular rides can no longer be found on the midway in Pensacola (namely Rainbow, Enterprise, Tornado, SkyWheel, Dutch Wheel) and what popular rides are left in Reihoffer's line up, as I stated, can most likely be found over in Mobile in better condition (such as Crazy Flip, Wave Swinger, Snowball Express, Himalaya, Fireball and so on.) The Reithoffer guys just turned around and walked off after I said my piece, I wasn't trying to be hard on them I was just telling them what the fair employees had told me. I would love to see Pensacola go independent or at least find an operator that would book other shows best peices like United did with the Florida State Fair, they have the space for a huge fair, over 100 rides and many massive in size have been on Pensacola midway at one time. I live in Atlanta and rarely see a fair of over 45 rides and honestly I'd have to say I didn't get my money's worth and I felt it wasn't worth the time I put into my trip. Now Mobile on the otherhand was ROCKING!!! Except for the exception of not going on a wristband day I had a great time. Conklin, CVS and All American have some of the best looking rides I've ever seen. Paint jobs were all clean and the lights were 99% lit.
Larry Smith
Thursday, October 23, 2003 9:44:16 AM
Hey man ya shoulda let me know when you were comin!! You're right even though Mobile is a smaller fair it was IMHO better. They had 56 rides on their lot and I honestly don't believe they could fit any more than that. It was packed. Pcola had 69 this year which is the most I've seen on there in about 5-6 years. I too had the feeling it was a "contract" year there. Arnold Amusements had about 18 rides there and they all looked very good. I guess we will see in the coming months what goes down. I didnt get a chance to chat with any fair officials so I didnt get any
Thursday, October 23, 2003 9:50:21 AM
Arnold's Amusements is one hell of a show I can agree. Ivan, Tom and John are great guys to deal with.[;)]