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Sunday, October 19, 2003 6:52:17 AM
casino was still with them in goldsboro. sea ray is in wq for sale. they are in new bern nc now and will finish their season in wilmington, nc. then to wq to work on equipment. i will see them in wilmington set up for the fair at the airport. fair is looking for a permanent home. good fair. new owens darkride will play three spots and be ready for next year. there are some plans for additional new rides for next year. wq is in burgaw nc at an old boat facility off the northeast cape fear river. burgaw is 25-30 miles from wilmington. nice wq. they play 8 fairs in nc not counting all the spring spots. there are no new england dates. new york state is the farthest east and north. saw their old terminator at the ncsf friday.