Friday, September 6, 2019 6:20:10 AM
Went out to the fair last night, not a big crowd on Thursday night but it was hot and a shower came up. Some of my concession friends did state that the first weekend was up and business was good all weekend.

AofA has the contract with the following:

Giant Wheel (chance)
Crazy Mouse
Polar Express (one trailer)
Free Fall
Orbiter (booked)
Freak Out (booked)
P. Fury (booked)
StarShip 2000
Sky Fall
Cliff Hanger (booked)
Fun House
large collection of kiddies

No tent circus on the midway

Sadly did not see the Rock in Roll (music ride) this year, Wave Swinger did not return either.

I might have missed one or two but that was about the basic line up.