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Thursday, September 6, 2012 4:01:41 PM

I know there are members here from the Chicagoland area who have been hearing about this case on and off for years. Some of us worked Bolingbrook where this ass-hat was a cop. The sad fact is not only did the third wife die by his hand, but the fourth one died so he could cover up the third one. I'm expecting, besides the appeals and legal goings on that will be happening for the next 10 years, that he tries to get his sentence reduced and immunity in the 4th wife's death by telling them where she's buried...

It's a damned shame there is no death penalty in Illinois. The max he could get is 60 years, and I don't know what parole offerings there are now that he can't be put to death in that state, but he needs to rot in there - that's for sure...