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Tuesday, May 3, 2005 7:50:43 AM
With the passing of Matt Hely on April 21st 2005 we offer
this Months Featured Interview in Remembrance of Matt,

Ladies and Gentlemen we have here for your viewing the fantastic,
the amusing, and just a lot of great sideshow history.

The historic sideshow featuring the Volpus and The Two Headed Man
Needless to say that sideshow was packed from the morning of show
day until it was torn down at night. The owner of the Volpus made a
fortune......Crowds gathered in front of the two-headed man's
platform and gazed and gazed.

Our Newest Link Wall of Death the history of the American Motor Drome.

Gallery 4 & 5 the Artwork of Willard J. & Kreg Yingst
I want to invite all you sideshow artist to become part of
our Sideshow World Art Galleries

Our Newest Corny-Ville Cartoon Burp!

Some Recollections by Lavinia Warren ( Mrs. Tom Thumb) In 1876, Mr.
Barnum invited us to visit him at Bridgeport. After dinner he asked
us into his library, as he wished to have a private conversation
with us. After a little chat, he said, I feel that I am of no more
use to you than the fifth wheel to a coach; then, turning to Mr.
Bleeker, he continued: Although I am part owner, you have been the
captain of the ship so long, and I not rendering any assistance even
in the working of the vessel, that I feel as if I had no right to
any share of the profit from the voyages.

Philadelphia Sideshow Revue

Now on the Inside of Sideshow World you will find the strange, the
unusual and the amazing. The Two Headed Tocci Brothers

Not for the weak at heart, the amazing Freak Chicken in the Blow-Off

Just for you because you've ask for it, it will amuse you, it will
get your friends and family talking and it will keep you cool! We
offer here for you own a part of Sideshow World History.

So step right in, see what your friends and family have been talking
about and it's all on the Inside of Sideshow World.

See You on the Midway,


John Robinson
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