Sunday, April 17, 2005 8:53:26 PM
Along with my co-worker, her Husband and their 10 year old Son.
We went to the Maricopa County Fair Sunday, April 16th. We arrived
when the gates opened and stayed til 5:00PM. Butler Amusements did
a great job with the midway layout. I liked the Topiary that they
beautified their midway with, looked great.

$6.00 for parking
$6.00 addmission
$25.00 POP Wristbands

I didn't see anything new, but the rides looked great. The ScRaMbLeR
had a new paint job. The Zillerator had new cars on it, atleast newer
than the ones from a few years ago.

The turnout was minimal, infact that went in our favor as we didn't
have a long wait and lines were short. The 10 year old that was with
us never rode a coaster before, he was a bit timid. So I walked him
around the Zillerator and showed him the track. I explained to him
how everything works and how the safety features worked, I showed
the little boy that this coaster had no upside down motions. He said
he would like to try it, so we boarded. The little guy was nervous,
he was white knukling it up the lift hill! The first run scared him,
then he said LETS GO AGAIN! After that we rode the Zillerator
six times! I've created a COASTER RIDING MONSTER!

The line-up included:

Zillerator Zyklon Coaster
Wacky Worm Coaster
Century Wheel
Big Eli Wheel
Flying Bobs
Octberfest Swinger
Ring of Fire
Crazy Train
Fire Ball
Grand Carousel
Kite Flyer
Nice combination Glass House/ Fun House
Hogwarts ( LAME Dark Ride )
Haunted House
Rock & Roll Fun House

Kiddie Coaster
Squadron Airplanes ( Cool kiddie ride! )
Spinning Dragons
Flying Elephants
Hampton Cars
Hampton Cycles
Hampton Boats

Assorted Game Joints
Assorted Food Joints

Lazer Tag Maze (Independent)
Bungee Jump (Independent)

Monster Truck Show in the Grandstand
Animal Exibits in the three commercial barns

GREAT FAIR this year!

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Sunday, April 17, 2005 9:04:29 PM
i played that fair a few years ago. its a nice fair. butler was there then, and put on a nice midway.