Sunday, February 27, 2005 7:03:20 PM
hey everyone, i saw 3 carnivals today, and wow, what a day it was, the first carnival i saw was reed expo, yes! reed expo in corpus christi, i have NEVER seen them here until now, they were at sunrise mall. what a beautiful show, here's what they had there:

larson super loops
tivoli orbiter (older model)
fabbri drop zone (jung drop)
wisdom himalaya
expo wheel
wisdom tilt-a-whirl
chance yo-yo
majestic scooter 1400
club hollywood (fun house)
another fun house (forgot it's name)
rock city (simaler to the sellner jalopy junction, built by sellner)
zamperla rio grande train
zamperla lolly swing
zamperla tea cups
wisdom dragon wagon
fabbri double shock (racked behind parking garage, the ride needs a lot of work)

there were a few more kiddie rides there, one looked like a kiddie whip except it's a wisdom ride, there are also 3 kiddie rides witch are exzactly the same type, they just have different cars, i think they are simaler to the s.b.f red baron, the himalaya did'nt have it's roof canvas set up and it only ran farward. the fabbri drop zone is the first ever drop tower to debut in south texas, i was expecting to see a drop tower at buccaneer days, not at a mall, still i was very suprised, looked great. the wisdom tilt-a-whirl spins clockwise, sellner's version spins in the oppisite direction. first time i've ever seen a wisdom tilt-a-whirl, also unlike sellner's tilt-a-whirl, wisdom's version has a big box on top of it and the ride is trailer mounted. everything looks very well maintained except for double shock, why does reed expo give the rest of these rides the care they need while double shock collects rust and dust, if the ride is like thet then they should give it the care it needs or just don't use it on the road until it's refurbished. on to the next carnival, at tinsel town in corpus christi i saw pride of texas shows and i had no idea they were even there, wow, that a big suprise, here's what they brought:

zamperla power surge
chance zipper
fabbri kamikaze
wisdom avalanche
wisdom starship 2000
wisdom storm
wisdom blizzard (himalaya)
sellner tilt-a-whirl
expo wheel
dartron cliff hanger (new in 2005)
wisdom tornado
sellner berry go round
wisdom combo (like a hampton combo)
glass house (fun house)
wisdom dragon wagon
chance or allen herschell helicopters
allen herschell flying dragons (skyfighter) (bought from mighty thomas carnival)
wisdom squadron
space train
wisdom landslide

the biggest supride of all that pride of texas now, no finely has a dartron cliff hanger, i wanted them to get one, and now they finely have one, it's faster than other cliff hangers i've ridden and it's was used by another show, wonder who? the expo wheel got it's tups repainted and it looks wonderful, the starship got a new coat of purple pain, not on a starship, just the stair rails and the entire back end of the scenery wall. looks brand new. the blizzard is looking worse enery time i see it, it's new canvas was not set up, it was still running at half speed, it still needs a lot of work and it's sound system appered was not working at all. the blizzard has been like this for about 2 years. i hate seeing a great wisdom ride in that condition. overall a great carnival, and also, reed expo is by far the best looking show in all of texas, pride of texas is second and merriam is third, basicly i just add them in that order based on the way their rides and midways look. our last carnival is in aransas pass, it's a small local carnival named wagner's carnival, here's what he brought:

chance zipper (mid 70's model)
eyerly spider (best ride on wagner's midway, very well maintained)
wisdom super sizzler
eli hy-5 wheel
haunted house (inflatible ride)
sellner berry go round
2 hamton type rides (very simaler to hampton umberella rides)
zamperla truck stop
fun slide
hofbaru haus (fun house)
king bobsled ride (like a king airplane ride)

not to bad. zipper looks a little better this year, it's cars (just the mesh) was painted while as wheel as the boom (just the metal parts) the super sizzler needs a lot of work, it's missing a drive wheel witch woul'nt allow a set of cars to spin, it does have a sound system but only has 1 speaker and it has running very slowly, the ride it self has running close to full speed but it's cars were only running at half power. overall a great day, i had a great time at all three carnivals, our next stop is the houston live stock show and rodeo in houston and astroworld is also on the list, a list of big rides at this years houston livestock show & rideo would be nice. (just the list of big rides at the rodeo, not astroworld) see you in houston, bye for now.
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Sunday, February 27, 2005 7:16:29 PM
Wisdom just trailer mounts Tilt-a-Whirls. They don't make them. Check out their website for info on it. Are you sure about what Direction it was running? Every one I ever seen ran the same way. I heard the Trailer mounted one actually take as long as the Ground mounts to set up. If any one knows for sure let us know. Of course the set-up also depends on the crew. Anyway let us know what you guys think of them. Have fun at Houston man, and get some pics of the joints while your there.
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