Sunday, December 5, 2004 12:47:46 PM
Martins Fantasy Island of grand island in Western NY will rip down its infamouse Wild Cat coaster which has been the parks first major coaster sence the park opened in the 60's it ends an era that many families and enthusiests have experianced for many years. just this past week overseers from the place that purchased the ride for a mier 210 thousand dollars US, have come from Moscow Russia to watch as crews from Zamperla come to take apart one of the oldest rides in Western NY. they expect to be done by weeks end.

Zamperla will Refubish the ride and reconstruct the peice in russia.

IN its place will stand a brand new exciting ride for Western, NY its the second new coaster to grace the area sence 1999. MFI will add a new "Spinning Crazy Mouse" for 2005. Seabreeze in Rochester, NY added a Spinning coaster from a german company last year. its a score for the area that desporately needed something new to ride

SixFlags Darien Lake, will add its first attraction in 4 years.. it will add a Proslide Tornado. although its not going to help much as its waterpark is dismal at best. Theres also people who clame the place is up for sale.
You'll miss us when were gone....