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Sunday, November 7, 2004 8:38:36 PM
Thanks for the info Hoffa..I thought Al wasn't involved with the carnival anymore...The only shows I've seen around here in Delaware
are yours, Houghton<sp> and james strait shows down at harrington..

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Monday, November 8, 2004 1:07:53 AM
Al isn't "involved" with the carnival - He ocasionally comes to Lynam's spots in Delaware just to visit and see the Lynams (or at least he did up to about two years ago- that I'm aware of).
Lynam's keeps their equipment at Al's place in Newark. Several of the rides on Lynam's were purchased from Al when he retired from the biz.

Strates' Shows hasn't provided the midway at the State Fair in Harrington for several years. Wade Shows does the State Fair now. If you've never been to the state fair since Strates had the contract, if you can, you should definitely go down to the fair and check out Wade- a very nice show. Also, the year that Wade took over the midway at the fair, was the same year that the fair paved the midway area. It gives the midway a very nice , clean appearance- almost like being at an amusement park, a big improvement over the old dusty dirt lot that Strates had to set-up on all the years that they held the contract.

I sure do miss Strates playing Delaware. Besides the fair, I remember every Spring or early Summer they would play the Wilmington/New Castle area. It was a tradition. Some of the locations I remember Strates playing were... Rte. 13 in New Castle (across from the airport), Prices Corner (where the Acme Market is now), Stanton (where First State Plaza is now)- they played that lot two times one Summer (!), Prices Corner- Centerville Rd. by the CSX yard- (the old Prices Corner Drive-In) (now an industrial park and self-storage facility), Delaware Park Race Track, the shopping center off Rte. 4 in Newark (Rte. 4 & 72) and the old New Castle Square mall (now an office complex) - see the trend, all the good lots where Strates played in Delaware are now developed [:(].

"plbrown", when you mentioned that you have only seen a few shows around Delaware, It got me thinking about what shows play or have played around Delaware. For what it's worth, here are some I remember off the top of my head....

Lynam's still plays St. catherine's on Centerville Rd. and St. John the Beloved on Milltown Rd.

Majestic Midways plays the St. Anthony's Italian Festival in Wilmington, The Wilmington Flower Market at Rockford Park and the Oktoberfest (German Festival) in Newark.

Other shows play Delaware from time-to-time. Amusements Of America has played locations throughout the state over the years. Usually every May, a unit of AofA plays the Mall in Dover. For a couple of years, until last year, AofA played the Blue Rocks Stadium (Wilmington Riverfront & Outlet Shops). This past April, AofA played a lot adjacent to the Boys/Girls Club on Rte. 40 in the Bear/Glasgow area.

The now-defunct Amusements Of Buffalo used to always play the Fox Run Shopping Center on Rte 40 in the Bear/Glasgow area. Benner's Amusements also played that shopping center from time to time.

Garland Watson's now-defunct, Delaware-based, "First State Amusement Carnival" (with the help of Benner's Amusements and Brown's Amusements of PA and other book-ons) played a number of spots around Delaware, a few years back.

Taylor And Sons played some spots throughout the State over the years. Most notably, the Delmarva Chicken Festival in lower Delaware, the "Apple-Scrapple Festival" in Bridgeville, and others.

Reithoffer has also played throughout the State of Delaware over the years. Two years ago, they played a small carnival at the Stanton Shopping Center in Stanton and also played a shopping mall in Dover, De- the same week that AofA was playing the Dover Mall about a mile away on the same highway- Rte. 13 (!).

Of course, shows like Ottos Amusements, Micki Billett, Shaw and Sons and Jolly Shows, S&S Amusements, Henry T. Cole Shows have all played the Wilmington/New Castle/Bear area.
Over the years, many shows have played still dates throughout Delaware during the Spring and Summer on their trek north from Florida or heading back south.
And last, but not least for shows that used to play around Delaware, i can't forget Little Richard's World Of Mirth Shows which was headquartered right in Dover, DE.

When it came to church carnivals and the like, Al Moyer's Moyer's Amusements had most of those spots in northern Delaware for years.

The big players in Northern Delaware currently are Skelly's, Houghton's, Lynam's and Majestic Midways.
Micki Billett plays Saint Hedwig's Polish Festival in Wilmington.
Another smaller (but growing) show that plays festivals around Delaware (mostly Southern Delaware) is Stine Amusements of Elkton, MD.

"plbrown": Did you go to the Blue Diamond Fair in New Castle or "FrightLand" (both Houghton spots) ?
"Don't forget to be half fair and give a little credit to the small concessionaire"
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