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Wednesday, October 27, 2004 8:55:03 AM
After reading another post this morning and the discussion of the term getting Hurley'd it got me thinking about something. From time to time we hear stories of folks who were booted off the lot or Hurley'd and I thought it would be interesting to hear some of the stories of carnival fans or show people who have been Hurley'd or almost Hurley'd at an event.

I have a story that I haven't shared on the board yet. This past summer it was the middle of the week and I knew that in a day and a half a certain event was going to start here in Central WI. The lot was about 15 minutes away from my house and at the time I didn't have any racked or set up pictures of this show that was playing the event.

So I decided I would drive up after supper and take a few pictures. Well I had heard all kinds of rumors that the police in this town leaned toward being over protective at times. Well knowing this my wife and I ventured to the town and found rides parked in 3 different places throughout town.

I pulled into a parking place on the street in front of the first area where rides were parked and snapped some pics. As I got into the car the local cop drove by but I didn't think anything of it at that point.

We then drove up to the main lot where a few rides were being set up. I parked in a public parking lot across the street and was planning on taking all of the pictures from that parking area as it was a good view of the lot. I was about to take a picture and the same police car we saw earlier pulled up. He stopped in the middle of the street to let me take the picture I was taking. He then waved, pulled into the lot and parked by the half set up Ferris wheel.

I stayed and took another 10 or 12 pictures and the entire time he is sitting by the wheel watching me like a hawk. I must say it was making me a bit nervous but I knew I was doing nothing wrong.

Well I finished with the pictures got in the car and he followed me to the next intersection where he turned off. My wife was quite amused by the incident and she said I should have taken a pic of the car next to the wheel which would have been an interesting picture.

So that is the closest I've come to being Hurley'd! I must say though that by taking pictures I've met a lot of nice folks including a couple of show owners who don't seem to care that I enjoy taking pictures of their rides.

That's my story, are there any others?
Mark H
Wednesday, October 27, 2004 9:01:09 AM
So far, I've never been close to being "Hurleyd". I've been on many different lots with cameras and video cameras. Now, I will say, there are some "jointees" who have waved my video camera away or shook their heads or turned around real quick...or said "no pictures" (Not sure if they were on the lam or running a fixed game) but as far as anyone ever questioning me or making a big deal about me shooting video or taking pics....never happened.

I do get a lot of questions from people at the fair..."Is this going to be in the paper...or what TV station are you with" all that sort of stuff....but the fair officials and carnival people don't seem to haev a problem...at least on the shows I've visited. Probably in large part because I go check in with them first and let them know I'm there and what I want to do.
Wednesday, October 27, 2004 10:06:43 AM
I've never been Hurleyed off a lot, and hope to keep it that way (knock on wood). I have been quizzed by a local Police Dept. once, and made to feel unwelcome there (had to have been a "concerned" parent that complained -- I'm careful taking pictures of kiddie rides for that reason). Other than that, I've never had a problem.

Most times, the showfolks that I encounter on the lot are curious about my picture taking -- most want to know if I am a modeler. The whole thing about taking pictures on a lot is to look like you belong, be confident about what you are doing and exude that confidence, and don't make a hazard or nuisance of yourself. I take the time to talk with the folks working, and they appreciate that, and are more welcoming. Word travels fast on lots that you are there taking pictures (trust me on that one), and I guarantee that if you are sneaking around and trying to covertly take pictures, that you will get questioned or possibly Hurleyed. Best bet is to be open about what you are doing, and like Bryan said, let the office know that you are there on the lot. Most shows will be glad to have you there. Those that don't want you taking pictures are a small minority.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004 10:29:38 AM
Exactly. Those that dont want you taking pictures on the lot also probably have something to hide!

One of the main things in this business seems to be competition and protecting yourself from it. So I can easily see why a show owner might be a little unnerved if an unidentified person is out walking around taking photos of the show. For all he knows, you are a competitor.

The best bet is always head straight to the show office, ask for the owner or member of management and tell them who you are and why you want to take photos. I've never been refused. Ever. And Chris is right....word travels FAST on the lot if you are there shooting video or taking photos and let them know about it! It just does.
Da Bair
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004 11:10:25 AM
Just happened to me last night. Escorted out by a couple of real nice gentlemen who had already tried to explain to me that there is a policy of "no touching the girl...
nevermind, I think ya'll are talking about Hurley'd from carnival lots only.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004 11:14:04 AM
there is a policy of "no touching the girl...

Hey Bair....PM me and I'll tell you some places where this policy is NOT enforced LMAO.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004 12:00:21 PM
I know you will find info on "getting Hurlyed" by doing a search here.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004 12:27:57 PM
You want a good story, heres my latest.

So this summer I wanted to check out a show that doesn't hit Chi Town very often. So I was out taking pics at 9am on a sundy while everyone was still asleep on the lot. They had a cop on the lot who I could tell was following me, but as me being a pro, I kept on trucking. So finnaly she stops me and tries to work me over thinking that I am a trouble maker, I gave here a BS line about being from another show that plays the town, needless to say, shes my best friend now, we talked for like 10 minutes, she gave me the attendance, what was busy, what wasn't, problems on the lot, everything. Had to laugh getting in the car after.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004 5:10:25 PM
Sheeeeiiiiii... I got "Hurley'd" off the job this summer! Ironically it was right next door to St. Lawrence, where Hurley was "Hurley'd" off. We did the annual MNP (still have no idea what that stands for) company picnic. It's always been a sleeper, 1 day, go in for a few hours, no trouble at all. Until this year. A couple hours in, I was giving potty breaks, things were running quite smoothly, I was at our Moon-Walk when this old man with the stench of alcohol shows up and starts harrassing me about the Moon-Walk! It's not inflated enough! The one that came here last year was bigger (the SAME Moon-Walk mind you!) yada yada. He demands I answer him so I do. Of course I'm trying to unload and reload the kids, it's that time. He accuses me of being incompetent etc. I ignore. I reload. The operator returns and this old goat is still all over me. So I turn around to face him, notice a clear cup of tomato juice in his hand and say "Maybe you should stop drinking so much" The people in line get a good chuckle, and he looks back at me like "no one talk to me that way!" He tells me to leave, to get off of HIS property. I had no idea what to say. Then he threatens to call the cops on me. Then this burly man next to him tells me that I should do as he says in a menacing voice. So I say "okay" Turn around, I'm real livid at this point and don't want to make a scene and I head back towards my truck. I'm calling my pops letting him know what's up and this old goat and his chronies follow me. I unhooked a trailer to my truck, jumped in as all these dumb animals stare at me, the old man says "You're not leaving!" In my mind I shot back, "You want me to go, you want to leave, make up your mind" Instead I managed to get out "Watch me son." Slam my door, and I leave for the other spot that was operating that day. That was the first time I got kicked out of a place for actually doing my job. I still got my check that weekend. I love America. I can't wait to go back there next year. [:D]
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004 7:08:24 PM
I had this kook who came to a few spots with his 1980's model camcorder..... With no battery in it and pretended to tape everything. The guy always had the same clothes on and never shaved....The locals seen to be familer with the guy because he did'nt seen to phase them....We would get kids to make faces and do stupid stuff for the "camera" and tell them they would be on the news....lol
Wednesday, October 27, 2004 9:37:07 PM
Now THAT is scary
Have you paid your dues Jack? Yeah I paid my dues. The check is in the mail.
Majestic Fan1982
Thursday, October 28, 2004 12:06:13 AM
Ive ran into a few problems while taking pictures. But usally i try and be open and let the workers know that i am their. Most don't really care if i use them for personal use. It's something to look back on. A few shows have told me that i can't take pictures unless i am with the local news paper or tv news ect ect.
Sometimes it's even hard to ask a show where they will be playing next. A few times i have been told thats none of my business lol. But some other shows will be happy to tell you that info.
It all depends on who you are dealing with.
Some Shows get nervous that you might be another carnival provider on the lot trying to take pics of their rides and compare to the rides that you can provide for the event, or when you ask about spots they play they tend to get nervous. The shows who get nervous are usally the ones who can't hold events and worry about losing them, and the ones who don't let you take pictures are the ones who might be hiding something or their rides arent up to safety codes. The shows who let you take pictures and let you know about differnt locations are most likely the shows who are happy with their rides and don't mind showing them off in pictures, and are the ones who know they can hold that certain event and they know that the fair comittee is happy with them and won't contract another company.
Thursday, October 28, 2004 4:04:04 PM
I have gotten plenty of dirty looks through the years, goes with the territory. But I have never had anyone from a show ask me to leave, only the Livonia police and the two from the churches. In fact, I get asked all the time what the photos are for, and when I explain it to whomever asked, 99% of the time they think it is cool, and when I offer to take their pic they are happy to pose for a photo. Then I get their name, and sometimes and address to send a copy of the photo to, and they are happy as can be. This is especially true of many jointees I encounter.
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Thursday, October 28, 2004 7:25:35 PM
i've never been thrown off a lot, but i've gotten some dirty looks, not from employees but just people visiting the fairs/carnivals. But i suppose going to the lot wearing at WFS hat helps to fool the unknown that you are employed by them when really your there for personal joy.[}:)]
Majestic Fan1982
Friday, October 29, 2004 2:12:20 AM
This is a good topic i like hearing everybodies story.
The day the police throw me off a lot for taking pictures will be the day i will argue what the laws are of taking pictures of your favorite carnival shows lol.
And by the way i am curious if some carnivals have their own security. a few years ago i was in Downingtown Pennsylvania when S&S Amusements use to host an event. It was night time i was driving by and decided to get out and look around from the outside of the lot. Their was this security guard in no police car or un marked car or anything walking up and down the lot and he was giving me dirty looks lol. Ive never seen carnival security before only regular police patrol. Hope someone can answer that for me
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