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Tuesday, October 5, 2004 4:27:16 PM
I never would of thought that it was a self contained unit. Here is a translation:

The round roundabout was manufactured 1976 by the company "MACK -
construction of vehicles" in only duplicate.

A copy went into Switzerland, which others since then operated in the
north of Germany.


"Snow Dream" in Switzerland


The "carriages" were manufactured only three times and are in
the second "troika" in Switzerland, as well as in a cognate roundabout
in Australia.

Thus it can be said without exaggeration that the "TROIKA" is unique
in Germany.

Over decades it was operated by the company "Vespermann kg" and got in
the winter 2002 a new Kompanion. Since then Karl Heinz Heine with its
family cares for the roundabout.


Over the years the "TROIKA" was preserved again and again and
maintained. According to the mode in the years changed it their
appearance. Thus ever more technique and light as well as special
effects were added.

A complete technical check was executed in the winter 2001/02.
Likewise the business received a neuanstrich. So out-deseamed it went
then into the season 2002. Here it gives to win somewhat!

Answer to us simply the following question and also few luck can you
with us a lap of honour turn!

The TROIKA can seize 60 persons. How does the TROIKA have many cars??
(smaller tap: in the pictures one can count these.)

a) 10 cars

b) 20 cars

c) 30 cars

Send the solution under the glossary word "TROIKA - to gain
play" by mail to us.

gewinnspiel@die troika.de

If you won, we dispatch a coupon to you by mail for the free

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Tuesday, October 5, 2004 4:47:24 PM
Sweet!!!! Like the lights under the cars, nice touch
"If life was fair elvis would be alive and the impersonators would be dead"-carson