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Sunday, August 29, 2004 9:59:55 AM
What in the H.... am I talking about?? The new Apple OS, Tiger, will have an interesting search engine that should get the news to you first on all midway/carnival/park news before Martin/Virginia Inspector gets it. Aye? See below.

"Get More from the Web

Safari RSS consolidates all of the most recent news and information from thousands of major news organizations, community web sites and personal Web logs into simplified listings. Using Safari RSS, you can quickly find the very latest stories on your favorite topics by searching easy-to-use listings rather than having to browse individual Web pages. You can even create your own personal news clipping service that compiles only articles and stories that you want from any number of sites. Safari also adds page archiving, so you can save or email complete Web pages with images and links intact. Safari also protects your identity on shared or public Macs. Using the privacy feature, your personal information and activities on the Web are never saved, so they can’t be snooped later on."