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Saturday, August 28, 2004 9:22:51 AM
Went to see Reithoffer's Blue Unit @ the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck NY.
The place was packed... From what I've read and heard this 6 day fair will draw between 550,000 to 600,000 people through the gates!
Everything looked clean and in good shape, including games, food and rides. Yes, some of the rides could use some TLC, but I have not walked on many midways where this was not the case...
No blub count as I was only the there 7:30 pm.
Reithoffer packed 44 pieces and 3 or 4 Rock Walls on the the midways. For those who have not been there the midway areas are not huge. If they really wanted to they could have may be got one more ride in kiddie Land and may be one more on the main midway.

Ride List:
Kiddie Land
1) Dizzy Dragons
2) Hot Pink Super Slide
3) Crystal Lil's Glass House
4) Scooby-Do Fun House
5) Century Wheel
6) Raiders
7) Speedway
8) Kiddie Himalaya
9) Bear Affair
10) Crazy Bus
11) Rat Race Inflatable
12) Orient Express
13) Grand Carousel
14) Truck Stop Kiddie Trucks
15) Jump'in Jumbos
16) Roc'in Tug
17) bumble Bee Bop

Main Midway:
18) Hofbrau Haus Fun House
19) Sizzler
20) Cuckoo Haus Fun House
21) 2700 Scooter
22) Wisdom Tornado
23) Merry Go Round
24) Demolition Derby
25) Mardi Gras Glass House
26) Tilt
27) Cliff Hanger
28) Indy-500 (Flitzer) Coaster
29) Starship 2000
30) Power Surge
31) Sling Shot
32) 2400 Scooter
33) Larson Fire Ball
34) Tital Wave (Thunder Bolt)
35) Yo Yo
36) Tango
37) Zipper
38) Wild Claw
39) Super Himalaya
40) Moscow Circus Fun House
41) Giant Wheel
42) Haunted Mansion Dark Ride
43) Pharaohs Fury
44) Gravity Storm

3 or 4 Rock Walls

Saturday, August 28, 2004 11:16:56 AM
tornado, cant wait till next friday when i can see them in Fonda. i decided even though i saw half of the blue unit last week in atlamont, im going to fonda. im gonna leave my house later so i can get some night shows. any idea when u going and going to be able to report a ride list? thanks
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Saturday, August 28, 2004 12:06:26 PM
Saturday, August 28, 2004 4:19:09 PM
tornado, r u going before friday?
Saturday, August 28, 2004 8:52:49 PM
Was on the lot later in the evening on Thursday, as noted in another post. The ride list above is complete, some shuffling of the pieces in the layout from previous years, but overall it works.

Bub count was relatively high, the pieces I took time to look at were 95%+ for the most part. Some pieces do need some work, but overall there is some improvement over previous years.

Tidal Wave looks real sharp. It was moved out of its traditional spot in the back of the midway when it was the Thunderbolt (near all the funhouses) up to the front corner location near the entrance. The theming and new paint definitely make it a sharp piece, however.... I rode it, and this ride has a very noticeable shake/shimmy/vibration when it is operating. Not the smoothest ride, and certainly nothing to write home about.

Tango is looking better that when it was at the FSF. Only a couple seats out of order, and the bub count and missing bub cover count are much improved.

Sixcat's joints stand out with the neon highlights -- something different in the sea of turbos, bubs, and fluorescent tubes. Games in general appeared to be doing well at this fair. The crowd appears to not be afraid to spend money.

Rides must have been doing good as well, as I noticed a number of the ops shaking the ticket boxes (standard size mailboxes) to make room for more tickets. All in all, not a bad midway at all. May not have the monster 3 trailer german rides, but not a bunch of rusty scrap metal either....[:D] [:D][:D]

Took a few pictures, didn't have a lot of time to spend on the lot due to work. Will try to upload them when I get a chance.

Managed to catch Sixcat out on the lot at his game joints at the end of the night. Had a brief chat about the fair and a few other things. Definitely look him up if he's in your area -- I wish we had more time to chat.

If you are going to be in the area, definitely check out this fair. It is a must see.
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Sunday, August 29, 2004 5:35:46 AM

Of the rides in Rhinebeck:

The Indy-500 (Flitzer) coaster will not be up the next several weeks

The Wild Claw
Mardi Gras
will be going to Essex Junction Vermont to the Champlain Valley Expo. The remaining 40 rides will be split between Fonda NY and Schaghticoke NY.

The Mini Indy and the Jurasic Adventrure Inflatable, which were not in Rihinebeck, will probably be in Schaghticoke at the Schaghticoke Fair
along with about 22 other pieces from Rhinebeck.

The remaining 18 pieces will be in Fonda at the Fond Fair with 10 to 12 book-ons.

Remember this is just my guess based on pat years history...