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Saturday, August 28, 2004 9:12:39 AM
Hi All,

Here are a few updates from Sideshow Central, we hope you enjoy your visit to our Midway,

In Memory Of Ken Carns of the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

RAFFLE UPDATE: The time is running short for you to buy tickets for the raffle that Sideshow Central is presenting to benefit this years Sideshow Gathering. All raffle tickets must be paid for via paypal at this time due to the timing of the Sideshow Gathering. We our presenting for your consideration many great items. So here's your chance to add a great piece of Sideshow History to your collection.

The raffle will be drawn at this years Sideshow Gathering, Sept 2nd -5th in Wilkes Barrie PA. You don't need to be present to Win. So Buy More and Buy Often it will increase your chances to WIN! WIN! WIN!


Mysterion The Mind Reader adds 2 August dates in Canada

So remember that Sideshow Central is Presenting this Raffle to Benefit the Sideshow Gathering. Time is running out so get your tickets soon!

Our Newest Link Smokey DeVille

Where have all the updates gone?? Sorry about the lack of updates lately folks. We've been working hard behind the scenes to get the raffle ready to wrap up. No need to worry though we've got lots of great updates waiting in the wings for you. So stay tuned! Check back often we are going to have some Amazing and Shocking things on our Midway for your Amusement and Entertainment.

Would like to take a minute to Thank and Introduce you to all of our staff at Sideshow Central, We all do it for the LOVE of the Sideshow. Remember Sideshow Central the site and all of the staff are volunteer.

Derek Rose - Webmaster & Founder

Primary Duties: Site Development, Maintenance & Promotion. Photo Editing/Optimization, Reprint Rights Acquisitions.

John Robinson - Sideshow Historian

Primary Duties: Historic Sideshow Coordinator & Developer. Historic Photo Editing/Optimization.

Ses Carny - Sideshow Performer

Primary Duties: Performer Contact

Kim Levesque - Editor

Kiley Rose - Junior Site Developer

Sideshow Central depends greatly on the contributions and support of all of those in the sideshow community. Below is a list of some of those people and Institutions, that have taken the time to, in some way, go above and beyond to help make Sideshow Central what it is today. We would like to publicly Thank each and everyone of them for all their help and support.

Al Stencell, Alex Tomaini, Blue Monkey Sideshow, Brian Ezzelle, Bizzaro Of The Bizzaro Future Circus, Chaos, Charles Keeler, Chris Christ ,Crispy, David Straitjacket, Dean Potter, Dick Horne, Doc, Doug Higley, Franco, Freak-O-Pedia, Fred Olen Ray, Magic Brian, Harley Newman, Lee Kolozsy, James G Mundie, James Taylor, Jim Rose, Joe Petro (Sideshow-Art.com), Judy Tomaini Rock, Kathleen Kotcher, , Ken Mundis, Laura Pescador, Marc Hartzman, Madame Talbot, Pele, Red Stuart, Scott McClelland, Showbrat, Simqueen, Slim Price, T.S. Kuebler, The Great Nippulini, Tim Cridland (Zamora), Todd Robbins, Toni-Lee Sangastiano Ward Hall

Bridgeport Public Library, Bridgewater Public Library, The Eli Bridge Company, Kansas City Public Library,Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress, American Memory, American Life Histories, McCain Library & Archives, The University of Southern Mississippi, Ripley's, The Brown Shoe Company, The Circus World Museum, Windjammers Unlimited, Inc.

and a Special Thanks to Boils the Clown for adding play to our Midway.

We apologize if your name has not been included in this list and wish to Thank everyone, including all of the Great Folks that visit Sideshow Central.

Please take some time to join our Mailing List, It will make sure that we keep you up to date on all of the Great stuff coming down our Midway.

See You on the Midway,


John Robinson
Sideshow World
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