Utah Showman
Wednesday, August 11, 2004 8:02:07 AM
Hi All,

Todd Robbins presents American Carny, Our Newest Link here for you Now on our Midway.

You will enjoy your visit...........So Step Right This Way!!!!

We have just added a new donation to the raffle from Al Stencell Here's your chance to own an autographed copy of A.W. Stencell's "Seeing Is Believing" American Sideshow.

Time is growing short for you to buy the winning raffle ticket. The raffle will be drawn during the Sideshow Gathering Sept. 2rd -- 5th 2004. "YOU DON'T NEED TO BE IN ATTENDANCE TO WIN"

So Buy Many and Buy Quick, it will increase your chance to WIN! WIN!

We will have some Great items donated by Chris Christ and Pete "Pooba" Turhurne. Chris and Pete will be in attendance at the Sideshow Gathering along with Ward Hall.

These three people are the History of the Sideshow. Here's your chance if you are in attendance to meet and greet "THE WORLDS GREATEST SHOWMEN" here now right off the Midway, right from THE FAMOUS WORLD OF WONDERS SIDESHOW.

These items will only be offered at the Sideshow Gathering. The Great Chris Christ will have for your consideration a Wonderful set of items displayed right on Sideshow Central's raffle table. Little Pete "Pooba" will also have a Fantastic item. So here's your chance to add Great pieces of Sideshow History to your collection.

"A Better Ride In The Old Days?" Read how the Ride Jocks got a little extra change. in our Ask the Staff Section.

See You on the Midway,


John Robinson
Sideshow World
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