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Tuesday, July 27, 2004 7:44:49 PM
Saw Shaw & Sons after work today. The lot was set up with:

Hrubetz Round-Up
Eli Wheel
Watkins Swinger (trailer-mounted with loading deck)
Sellner Tilt
ARM Quasar
Herschell Hurricane
Herschell Rock N Roll
Chance Zipper
Wisdom Sizzler
Dartron Slide
Herschell Carousel

Several Mangels Kiddies
3 or 4 Hamptons
Zamperla Mini-Enterprise (or look-alike)

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004 8:54:38 PM
The "Swinger" is actually a Mulligan Super Swings, of which only a few were built in the 1970's. (It was red and white with diamond shapes, correct?) Arnold Amusements here in Michigan has one that they have themed as the "Twister." Arnold's was built in 1975 and originally traveled with Wade Shows through the mid-1980's when Ivan Arnold bought it from Wade (he was a unit manager for Wade until he started his own show, based in Traverse City, Michigan, with 15 rides in 1981). I talked to John Arnold (Ivan's son) about the ride earlier this year and he gave me the complete history, each one was decorated differently (Arnold/Wade's was originally green and white with shamrocks on it). Mulligan has attempted to bring back the ride, built one, but John Arnold said they have had problems and have not produced anymore as of yet.
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Bill P
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Tuesday, July 27, 2004 9:14:05 PM
Dreamland Amuse had a Mulligan Swing in Weedsport, NY 2 weeks ago.

Saw one on Reithoffer green Unit (Brooke Evans) in 1999 for one season.

Fun City Shows from Buffalo,NY had one from 1980 to early 90's.