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Monday, July 12, 2004 9:04:01 PM
MST, I was wondering who was going to be at your Fair this year? I know the James E. Strates Shows are returning, but I was wondering what your Grandstand Entertainment was going to be? Thanks for the info.

Also, nice article in your newspaper today regarding your Fair. I hope you have a great year!!

Be part of a superb '04 Chemung County Fair
Kudos to the members of the Chemung County Agricultural Society and its president, Rick Curren.
They are making huge strides in restoring our Chemung County Fair to its once-superior quality -- the quality I remember 20 and 30 years ago. Those of us who can recall the years of big-name entertainment and the James E. Strates Shows won't be disappointed this year.

We, as members of the community, can and should do our part. Do you remember when the exhibit buildings were bulging at their seams with our entries -- anything from hand-knit baby booties to an antique plow?

Strawberry preserves, floral arrangements, Christmas trees and vegetables were there. Nearly everything we grow, build or create has a class.

Whether you've never seen a premium book or haven't looked at one in years, I urge everyone to do so. Entry fees are minimal. Books are available now by request from, or from the Cornell Cooperative Extension in the Human Resource Building at 425 Pennsylvania Ave. in Elmira.

I no longer have my grandmother, but I do still sport the sweater she made me back in the late '60s. The blue ribbon it was awarded at the fair is still in the pocket.

Let's create memories like this for our children and grandchildren. I promise you, they won't forget. 
Tuesday, July 13, 2004 3:44:19 AM
I think the addition of Strates will undoubtedly boost the appearance of this fair....the name recognition alone will help...but as for competitive entries and all that stuff, just as most fairs, this one has evidently seen a decrease in them over the years and that won't be something that comes back overnight, if at all. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, changing the midway wont change the overall "fair", it will just change the midway. The same number of exhibitors in a floral hall, beef or dairy cattle show or whatever is pretty much going to stay the same, unless you significantly raise premiums, and there aren't many fairs that can afford to do that.