Monday, July 5, 2004 8:14:40 PM
my home town carnival was in town here in franklin nc. this past week it was
(family attraction) out of Quitman ga.nice clean and well mannerd show
they have played this spot for a few years now the ride lineup was as
rings of fire
orient express coster
squadron jets
ali baba
hard rock fun house
scramler g/m
eli wheel 12
each year they inpress me with little things like last year they just purchas there rings of fire it was used.and in rough shape this year
new paint,lights,and canvas a round the bottom,new sign to. it rian every day they were here but they still had a good crowed.they also have a nice looking( music fest)and (tempest rethemed casino)that were
there the year before when i asked were they were they said there was not enoff help both driver and green help to bring them from winter qurters this year i rally miss them this year hope next year they have better luck finding help.they also had a time at tear down everything they had was stuck in the mud.from all the rain.but all and all this is a good clean and well mangage show.also looked like a added a new bunk house to for there help.anyway thats it for now