Larry Smith
Saturday, June 19, 2004 1:34:33 PM
Actually it is more of a workout/puzzle type thing.....i am not sure if we have done this type of thing before but what the heck it sure beats flame wars and crap like that....Anyways here's the puzzle:

We all have made our carnival show lists on here.....Made them by the boatloads......even gave them cute little names. Now here's the fun part:

How bout making a route with them..........[:D]

Here's the rules:
1) Your "season" begins on January 15 and ends on November 30
2) You must plan a schedule with as few dates as possible
3) Cannot have more than 7 days of dead time from spot to spot(Ex: Fair ends June 17 your next spot MUST start on June 25
4) Jumps cannot be longer than 500 miles between spots(Mapquest will be used to calculate mileage between spots. Shortest route w/o worrying about DOT......yeaaaaaa!!!!)
5) Fair/festival/still dates must be able to be documented. If you have websites then post them with the date for verification.
6) Good luck!!!

There ya go! I am intersted in how low the number of dates just might get.....I am working on mine as we speak and will post sometime today or tomorrow.....
Larry Smith
Sunday, June 20, 2004 5:00:30 AM
An edit on the above post.....

For anyone who is actually working on this little brain teaser the last date you have on your schedule must fall within 15 days of either the start or finish of your schedule(Ex: January 30 is the latest date you can start with and November 15 is the earliest you can end a date with....Hope this clears a few things up)