Thursday, May 27, 2004 2:40:09 PM
Jon Luehrs Spectacular Atractions is set up at the Tippecanoe Mall on Indiana Route 38 in Lafayette, Indiana. He usually plays through Sunday Night and then jumps to somewhere in Illinois. I did not have time to make a ride list, but the set up is impressive. In the past, I have visited with John as they set up. This year, I just have been too occupied with a new hip joint, and a screwed up back.

Was in Suburban Chicago the weekend of May 15. Windy City was set up at Algonquin and Randall Roads very near my hotel. Wedding however, and no time to make a ride list. At night the bulb count was impressive, and the whole lot was colorful and bright. Looks like a nice clean show. They never get down to central Indiana.

Left Chicago on Monday May 17, and went to Milwaukee. As we went downtown, the racked All Star Amusements Wheel was getting off I-43 near the stadium. The next night when we came out of town, you could see the wheel with lights on right next to the freeway.
E. S. Connolly
Thursday, May 27, 2004 2:44:35 PM
i'm pretty sure it's actually jon luehrs
Thursday, May 27, 2004 3:00:24 PM
Boy did I butcher the spelling!!!!!

4thgenknowitall is definitely right, the correct spelling is as follows: JON LUEHRS SPECTACULAR ATTRACTIONS.

I had to look it up in some photos I took at this still date in 2001. Thanks for the correction.
E. S. Connolly
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Friday, May 28, 2004 12:18:04 PM
Windy City always trys to look thier best.
hmm i realy miss the show sometimes.
Friday, May 28, 2004 12:31:24 PM
does anyone remember TONY DRAGO that sold out to JON LUEHRS SPECTACULARS he was out of kokomo indiana I know tony senor died but have no recolection of what his sons are doing now
Saturday, August 26, 2023 11:41:46 AM
I worked for John when I was 13 till turned 20 he was good man straight up I went from kiddieland to majors my step dad ran his Himalaya for years I was the sec man on it with him then I started running it at 17 I remember when times I was shy to talk on the , Mike and he wrote me some cards he wrote for me to say and got me vOICE Box to talk for , e till i got over shy miss him knew grew up around his sons Kevin abd me was about same age on the show worked together him and jhonny jhon wife was the nice onw ms joan and bill Maggie sad how he lost all of always wonder where wisdom Himalaya went i kno josh has some peices
Sunday, August 27, 2023 5:25:00 AM
Originally Posted by: BIG AL TAYLOR 

does anyone remember TONY DRAGO that sold out to JON LUEHRS SPECTACULARS he was out of kokomo indiana I know tony senor died but have no recolection of what his sons are doing now

While I have no idea what the brothers are doing these days, I remember both Dragos Amusements and the brothers very fondly. I was there the next to last season they were out from the 4th of July on and their last season from Winter Quarters for a few spots. Drove by their W.Q. next spring and it was abandoned, could still see their logo painted on a barn but no other traces a show had ever been there. I worked for one of the brothers in a dart game. I remember he ended up kicking his girlfriend out of it because she a) couldn't even begin to keep up with me and b) she was irate about that fact. I was running a lot of collections at that point in my career and it was a tag balloon store when I hopped in. I immediately started ignoring the tags and she flipped out when she saw that. Had no idea how to work a non-tag store lol. I don't think she really wanted to work anyway tbh, you know..... bosses gf and all. They had a decent route. Clean show. They gave me a hole when I needed it bad though and I will always be grateful for that.

Dragos will always have a place in my memories as the place I heard the saddest public announcement I ever heard. I was bagging up some balloons for a big night (something I never did but the brother I was working for was very nervous about this particular weekend so I humored him) Some county fair. Hours before the midway opened. They announced some 4H winners over the PA system , (its noonish), and then "we're very fortunate to have ______ Drago here to tell us whats its like to travel with a Carnival. And then poor __________ (can't remember the names smh John and..?) but one of them, came over the PA and proceeded to say how hard it was being on the road. Away from home. That he missed being home. The only he did this was for was to get home. I heard that man say everything but cry about missing home. The word "home" came out of his mouth so often and so..... plaintively that, frankly, it was embarrassing to listen to and went on for 15/20 minutes. I knew as I listened to it (not that ANYONE could miss it!) that the show wasn't going to be around much longer.
An end, even with terror, is better than terror without end. F.Neitzsche
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