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Saturday, May 22, 2004 10:05:22 PM
Ok i know this has been done before with a 10 ride deal.
But just for kicks i would like to do this again.

say my rich mom left me 250 million
and I want to start with a midsize show
with 19 rides 13 games 2 food joints.
most will be used with only 1 new ride.
so far the rides on my list are.

#1 chance Zipper A Must for any show.
#2 A Tilt also a must for any show
( Realy wish thay would create a t/m one to go along with the new G5 )
#3 Chance cent. wheel / or eagle 16
#4 sliver streek ( kiddi ride )
#5 Orbit with some custom theem
#6 fun slide ( still makes money )
#7,8,9 hampton unb rides
#10 Grand Carrousel
#11 Super Sizzler
#12 go-gattor , dragon waggon
#13 wipeout
#14 chance Rok & Roll
Not sure what else would be good for rides

as for games

#1 Watter race
#2 Roller ball
#3 duck pond for the kiddies
#4 long shot
WILL NOT HAVE A HIGHSTRIKE Matt knows why i think.
#5 dozzers
#6 stardart
#7 star-shoot

so what else would you put on your show.

  •  Sixcat
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Saturday, May 22, 2004 11:27:06 PM
None of the above. If someone left me $250,000,000, I'd buy the best class A motor home money can buy and travel the country visiting shows. (and other things)
Sixcats have nine lives
BSA Mike
Saturday, May 22, 2004 11:44:13 PM


Originally posted by Sixcat

None of the above. If someone left me $250,000,000, I'd buy the best class A motor home money can buy and travel the country visiting shows. (and other things)

if someone left me that chunk of change ,im buying land somewhere
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Sunday, May 23, 2004 12:12:52 AM
if i had that chunk of change, id buy a bulgy the whale and super size it !!!
Majestic Fan1982
Sunday, May 23, 2004 12:31:28 AM
I rather stay close to the amusement business instead of actually being in the business. But my lineup would be something like 2 units 7 big rides on each unit and 7 kiddies and they would be.

1st unit:

Century Wheel, Rock O Plane, Tilt, Zipper, Crazy Dance, Sea Ray, Himalaya 1 trailer, something like Jim Houghtons.

Kiddies: Dizzy Dragons, Haunted House, MGR, Kite Flyer, Rio Grande Train, Kiddie Wheel, and a Hampton

2nd unit:

Eli wheel, Sky Diver, Hurricane, Swinger, KMG Fire Ball, Ring Of Fire, Scat.

Kiddies: Fire Chief, MGR, Hampton, Truck Stop, Fun house not sure what kind yet, Whip, Dragon Wagon.

Food joints: 1 that can carry candy apples/carmel apples, and cotton candy, then one that can carry snokones, ice cream cones, and milk shakes. then Pizza, fries, pretzels and soda. then 1 that can hold funnel cakes and donuts. then sweet sausage sandwhiches food joint. Game joints would be a total of 12 on each unit which makes 24.

I wanted to go all wild on the rides but i wanna keep my crew happy and not give them a heck of a tear down where each ride takes like 3 hours or more to tear down.
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