Wednesday, May 12, 2004 1:10:41 PM
i feel kinda stupid for asking this,but it has been bothering me alot lately.

If anyone happens to know who plays these events,i would LOVE to know,lol.

Ok,one event is called The October Fall Festival and its in Fort Pierce (Saint Lucie county) Florida during October,usually around October 15th or 17th and it lasts for like 3 days. It's been the same company for atleast the last 3 years that comes to the Fall Festival,and they always have an Orbiter,a Zipper,Ferris Wheel,a Pharoa's Fury,A Starship 2000,an MGR,Swings,a Go Gator,and a few other Kiddie Rides. Thats all i can remember...

Another event is called The Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival,in Fellsmere Florida. Its during the 3rd week in January each year. I have no idea what rides they have because i only went there once a few years ago.

And another event is the Fall Festival in Port Saint Lucie Fl (Saint lucie county)....it was either in late september or early october when i seen the event...i didnt get to go to it,but me and my gramma were driving by it...dun remember what all rides they had,but it looked like a good amount.

Sooo,if anyone just happens to know who plays those events,i would be forever thankful!

Thank you!

Horses && Carnivals. <3