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Wednesday, February 11, 2004 2:50:41 PM
Just curious as to the various ROP mounts that exist out there. The one I oversaw in my time, I was told was a Wisdom mount, but I've no real idea. It was the one Pugh had back in the day. The tubs all racked 4 aside, and were lifted up and over the sweeps for transport. The center sign folded down over the center bearing for transport.

Another version I oversaw for a bit was on Hildebrands Midway of Fun. All the tubs racked on the side, but remained there during transportation. Most of the ride set up the same way as well.

Then I saw the on posted in SDSMikes webshots, which appeared to have 4 corner leveling jacks on it, with 4 tubs racked on the sides, but with the front 2 on each side racked slightly higher than the rear 2.

Anyone care to post comments/pics/memories about the various racking versions of the ride?
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Wednesday, February 11, 2004 3:17:57 PM
Many years ago, around 1972-73, my Pop mounted a park model rock. I think he borrowed Alex Vicelli's (north Jersey area) and copied it. Alex's was a Wisdom mount. It had 4 sweeps fold to the back of the ride and 4 fold to the front. 4 tubs stayed on the ride permanently and 4 were removed and racked on the side of the trailer.

Around 1978-79 it was sold to a guy that came over from Enland looking for equipment.

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