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Tuesday, February 10, 2004 6:54:11 PM
If I remember right, someone was looking for some information on this wheel a while back. Did a little digging at the FSF, since Dreamland's new one was there and got some information to share.

Weights - from the builder's plate (sorry, no pictures, it was partially hidden behind the canvas):

57,209 lb GVWR (22,700 lb Front, 34,509 lb Rear)

Spoke to the ride op during the long downtime that the ride was experiencing due to lack of riders. He indicated to me that the hydraulic system requires a lot of adjustments to the pressure to keep things from overheating during the setup. Also, the hoist setup for the tubs leaves a bit to be desired, as you have to first drop the tub onto the deck, then mount the hoist on the wheel, pick the tub, rotate the wheel, rack the tub on the nose of the trailer, rotate the wheel, remove the hoist and repeat the entire process. The hoist hangs from the wheel itself, not from the trailer like on the Century Wheel.
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