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Wednesday, September 28, 2022 11:59:10 AM
I'm new at this site but an old school Carney h e n o n and the flight to Mars caught my eye I started working for Ron Henon in 79 and ha bought the flight to Mars in 1980 from C&L. Caching and Lavaggi who had LA county fair but lost it to Lloyd Hilligoss of Foley & Burk. Even though the flight was portable it was a beast to move so C&L had it set up in the LA fun zone year round. I was on the crew that took out of LA, brought it to Ron's winter quarters, set it up and helped refurbish it in Santa Rosa. I.helped move that ground mounted, indoor dark ride, roller coaster for 4 years. So I have a bit of info on that topic in that time and later as I worked for Ron off and on until 05 or 06. Greg Duncan of Scenic Designs did the paint on it and it was nothing short of epic. Later Ron made it a single story (flat) dark ride so it was easier to move and renamed it Ghost because it was the thing he could come up with using the original letters in the FLIGHT TO MARS sign