Saturday, August 7, 2021 5:05:47 PM
Wade Shows has posted the NSYF ride list:

Alpine Bobs
Americana Carousel
Berry Go Round
Bumper Cars
Circus Train
Cliff Hanger
Construction Zone
Dragon Wagon
Elephant Parade
Free Bird
Giant Wheel
Hydro Shock
Jalopy Junction
Jumping Star
Lolly Swings
Manhattan Helicopters
Mardi Gras
Mini Dinos
Orient Express
Patriot Wheel
Puppy Roll
Rio Grande Train
Rock N Roll Fun House
Silver Streak
Sky Hawk Vertigo
Sky Ride
Starship 4000
Starship 4000
Super Cyclone Coaster
Super Himalaya
Super Slide
Tea Cups
Umbrella Boats
Umbrella Cars
Umbrella Cycles
Undersea Adventure
Wacky Worm Coaster
Zombie Hotel

This year they only have 52 rides listed, which is noticeably smaller than the 70-80 they normally bring. There are still the usual Powers and Dreamland book-ins, but several pieces that are normally there aren’t listed, such as:

Air Raid (PGAM’s Speed)
Anchors Away
Dragstrip Mega Slide
Dream Wheel (but Dreamland’s other wheel, the Patriot Wheel, is listed instead)
F5 (PGAM’s Freak Out)
Flying Bobs (Powers)
Grand Carousel
Mega Drop (listed for Nebraska instead)
Mighty Mouse Coaster (listed for Nebraska instead)
Observation Tower
RC-48 Coaster
Rock Star (Dreamland usually supplies their Rock Star since Wade’s usually goes to Nebraska)
Space Roller
Tornado (Wisdom)
Up Up & Away (it’s listed for Nebraska but I think the one listed for Nebraska is the 1st Unit one which normally goes to Santa Cali Gon Days)
Zero Gravity (Powers used to bring his Zero Gravity to the NYSF; Wade’s is going to Nebraska, but I think the Cyclone is a Round-Up/Zero Gravity-type ride booked in by Dreamland)

I was hoping Powers’s new ARM Sky Hawk (not the one listed; the one listed is Dreamland’s ARM Vertigo which is called Sky Hawk but listed as Vertigo) would show up but I’m not sure if it will or not.
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Sunday, August 8, 2021 1:56:15 AM
Word on the street says no PGAM rides will be at NYSF. Dreamlands round up IS called Cyclone.
Wades Super Cyclone [Zyklon] is already parked in Syracuse along with a Tilt, Himalaya, wacky worm, KMG, Crazy Sub, Cliffhanger and at least one more ride I couldn't figure out.
Sunday, August 8, 2021 2:00:19 PM
Hmm ok so I suppose Mighty Mouse will be going to Nebraska. Was there in 2016 but 2017-2019 they brought the Super Cyclone and sent the Mighty Mouse to New York. I wonder if Mighty Mouse will also go to Oklahoma because normally RC-48 goes to NYSF and then to Oklahoma, while the Super Cyclone goes to Nebraska/Oklahoma, and Mighty Mouse goes with the 2nd unit during the fall in NYSF and Tennessee.

I wonder if Mega Drop is there. Usually Dragstrip, Mega Drop, and the Huss Enterprise are there, but they might be in Nebraska since it’s quicker to go from Nebraska to Oklahoma.
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