Friday, June 4, 2021 7:00:58 AM
So Drew came in a couple of weeks and seemed to have a good run from what I hear, weather was pretty good with a little rain a day or two, here is what they had:

Eli 16 Seat Wheel (bought from Bates Brothers)
Wave Swinger
KMG Fireball
Super Loops
Fun House
Glass House
lots of kiddies

There were some rides missing as I think he sent them on to the next spot which is a pretty good jump. The Pirate was missing this year as well, but I think the big problem right now is labor, took them a while to jump out of Anderson and get ready here, but they still were ready to open on time. Wave Swinger looked good with new folding platforms and I could tell he added more LEDs to older rides. Good food/games, and shows on the side including small circus, sea lions, petting zoo, etc.