Saturday, May 16, 2020 11:29:27 AM
Ha, how many of you remember in the mid to late 70s when the photo ID's first started coming out and I remember ride jocks wearing jump suits. I guess it was an effort to change the image, but I know Deggeller did it, Strates as well if I remember and maybe some others.

Some things still stayed the same back then, tent cities out behind the rides, long hair and such, but I know Strates was very strict about that for a while back then into the 80s. Short haircuts, no beards, clean shaven each day and in uniform with ID badge, no sunglasses at night and so on.

Back then we always smoked while running the rides, but now I guess they don't let anyone anymore. For me, I don't mind or think its a big deal for them to smoke while running the ride, maybe not while loading/unloading and I would say no if in kiddie land, but alas things change. Makes for a hard day to not smoke on a 12 hour day unless your own break.
Saturday, May 16, 2020 1:36:32 PM
Yeah, on Strates jointies had to wear ID, hat, white shirt and

For ride help, jump suits were only a years or two that I remember. Khakis, had and golf shirts for a while. Mostly I remember tee-shirts and (if you wanted) hats.

I don't remember the ride help having actually wear their ID, but they had to have it, and I think it was a dub if you lost it.

I remember when I believed I would never take a job working indoors or where I couldn't smoke. Just retired after twenty years of working indoors and quit smoking thirty years ago.

Still miss smoking once in a while, never missed working outside...
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