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Sunday, September 22, 2019 2:47:11 PM
I am incredibly sorry to inform everyone that our friend, David Reddy has passed away. I recieved a call from Michael Brooks this afternoon informing me that he had paid David a visit and found David in his home. He had been gone for a bit at that time.

David was probably one of the most avid carnival historians many of us knew. His father was heavily involved in the Kalamazoo County Fair many years ago as a fair manager. He spent many years as a teacher before his retirement. Mr. Reddy was a loud talking, knowledge sharing man who would often spend hours on end discussing aspects of the amusement industry. He loved the business both in the carnival and circus branches. One could say David knew EVERYONE and ANYONE in our industry. I first met David through the MCW message board, way before social media. We met in person in Chesaning around 2004 and we became friends immediately. I cannot count the amount of dinners and lunches we shared together whenever we were close enough to visit. Our weekly phone conversations were always lengthy and interesting. I am going to miss him dearly.

I was asked to inform everyone of his passing. Micheal has his cell but David was old school and committed phone numbers to memory rather than saving them to his cell. So Micheal was unable to call but a few folks. I have made several calls and sent many messages to ensure everyone we shared as mutual friends were informed before this posting. David's sister in KY was also contacted. She was his only family that Mike and I knew of. I apoligize as I am sure there are many we did not know.

David did not wish to have a funeral, but there may be a celebration of life perhaps during the Gibtown Trade Show this winter. Details will be released as they become available.

Rest in eternal peace, David. I will miss our talks that ALWAYS ended with you saying "I thank you for the call and give Angel my regards" ... as well as seeing that you "liked" a post of mine at 4am and wondering why you were awake so late. 😞