Wednesday, November 28, 2018 7:04:44 AM
Was thinking the other day about the spots that I used to love to play, thought it might be a good discussion about others.

For me, my favorite spot was actually a still date, Hendersonville NC. Although a still date, the spot was so good that we would actually take the entire second unit in there, and then several rides from the first unit would come over like the Sky Wheel, Music Fest, and usually the Gravitron. Now, this spot would always be before our next spot which was also a favorite as well, Freedom Weekend Aloft. That spot took a few extra big rides as well.

Hendersonville was in the mountains, the people were friendly, the spot made good money, the ladies were pretty and friendly.

Freedom Weekend Aloft was flat and you had to drive a little ways to get to the store and stuff, but a very busy spot, always had long lines and you got to see the balloons (about 200) and we would have cookouts and lots of good cold watermelons during the 4th. Down size it was only about 4 days, so teardown came quick.

What about you all?
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