Tuesday, July 10, 2018 7:00:02 AM
Any good stories about moving ground mtn Bumper Cars or even unusual trailer mtn models out there, which was your favorite, which one was the biggest pain to move, who had the most flash.

I have seen quite a few of the F&B models, Strates, Nova, Deggeller. Its not portable, but there is still a nice F&B model down at Family Kingdom in Myrtle Beach.

I always liked the Lampkin models with the banjo lights around the top.

Not a ground mtn but I remember an unusual looking on AofA years ago, seen a few pictures of it as well.

Does anyone remember the Krazy Kars, that didn't seem to take off very well, but I know it was trailer mtn as well.
Tuesday, July 10, 2018 11:28:35 AM
Astro Amusements had a bumper car ride in the 80’s that looks real similar to Big H / A&A Amusements. Not sure if grnd mt or not. It was fairly big and had a yellow / orange coloration along the top. The canopy was a dark blue and green. Did not match the rest of the ride from what I remember. Not a lot of lights on it but it was a cool looking ride anyway. Do not know who made it. Didn’t look to be majestic, but I could be wrong. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I blv they had it all throughout the 80’s. There are some pictures in google images if you type in 1980’s Chicago carnivals. Eddies railfan Page in Flickr has got them.
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