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Thursday, March 2, 2017 5:10:55 PM
Hi everyone I thought I would show you my S&B Models built Lamberink Giant Wheel. It is based on the 45M gondola wheel (stats changed for the Wood & Wade one after we had finished the wheel). It was designed and built between May and October 2016 and has been shown at two model shows in England - Goose Fair in October 2016 and Churchdown in January 2017 so far. It is one of the first if not the first model in England at least to feature programmed color changing LED lighting.

The wheel sits on a 3' x 4' baseboard and is 5'10" in diameter with a total height of 6'2". The gondolas of which there are 36 are not completed yet but it is planned to have Perspex windshields installed and there is also the option to have them lit too plus a more complete station area.

The video was filmed by a very talented young enthusiast Dan Cox who also runs the Website and Facebook page - Hold Tight Riders.

http://sandbmodels.com  and also search S&B Models on Facebook to find their latest updates.

The wheel does have its own facebook page at www.facebook.com/ModelFerrisWheel 

Here is the video of the wheel which can be found on Hold Tight Riders YouTube Channel

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