Tuesday, October 6, 2015 4:27:46 AM
We are setup at our last big spot of the year where all the units come together. After this about 20 rides to a spot in Connecticut, 10 rides go to salem ma and the starship joins the pharaohs fury that isn't in topsfield at a halloween spot. For rides we have
Expo Wheel
Freak Out
2 Zippers
Pharaohs Fury
Seven Seas
Arctic Blast Himalaya
Flying Bobs
2 Scooters
Round Up
Traffic Jam
Cliff Hanger
Lucky Lizzy Funhouse
Earthquake Funhouse
Toy Barn Funhouse
Magic Maze
Mardi Gras
Haunted House
Castle of Evil
Spinning Coaster
Dragon Wagon
Swamp Gator
Orient Express
2 Convoy
Berry Go Round
Dizzy Dragons
3 Superslides
3 Zamp Mini Jets
2 Crazy Bus
2 Trains
2 Hamptons
Mini Enterprise
2 Merrys
2 Vortex Tunnels
A Few Bounces
3 Bungee
Plus 40-50 joints from the regular fiesta people but people from coleman bros and rockwell amusements.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015 6:22:13 PM
I played that fair in 1959 with Vic LaGasse. No where near that amount of stuff.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015 8:40:43 PM
Although Fiesta Shows is VERY GOOD and I have nothing against them, just like at the Marshfield Fair in August of this year and just like it has been at both Marshfield and Topsfield for a number of years now, THERE ARE TOO MANY DUPLICATE RIDES ON ONE MIDWAY!!!
It is not as though either midway grounds are huge; they are large but not so big as to justify all these duplicates.

Just looking at this 2015 Topsfield list there is a Thunder Bolt AND a Flying Bobs; two Zippers; two Bumper Cars; the Magic Maze and the Mardi Gras are really the same thing; three kiddie coaster rides; two kiddie convoy rides; a Berry-Go-Round AND a Dizzy Dragons; two Crazy Buses, and two trains. Will someone PLEASE tell me why there can't be more VARIETY when it comes to the rides of the midways like there used to be in the past??

Perhaps all of the doubles and triples work well during the Spring and parts of the early Summer seasons when shows are playing multiple locations at once. But this still does NOT explain the lack of enough variety. When the bigger-sized midways are called for during the fair season, all these doubles and triples are a REAL AGGRAVATION to anyone who would like to see more variety and who can REMEMBER a time when there was more variety on the bigger midways.

Fiesta Shows is hardly the only show doing this. During certain years there have been too many duplicates at the Florida State Fair, the Minnesota State Fair, and the North Carolina State Fair and at other fairs--either state or county ones.

I would be interested to hear people's opinions/ideas/facts for why it is like this.
Thursday, October 8, 2015 11:08:50 AM
Ok, going to try to explain this as I know it, anyone can correct me if I am wrong, but I think I am on the right track as far as duplicates.

A lot of shows have duplicates because they run two or three units, some popular rides you want to make sure you have one on each unit, I know on the show I worked on we had two round-ups, two standard wheels, and four Umbrellas (although each one was a different type), and two MGRs. Now, if a show has a contract where they have to provide "x" number of rides, they are going to use theirs first, then book if needed because they can make more money.

Some fairs certain rides are very popular and have a second one is good because they both can work hard and make money. I know someone from Conklin said one time that people in Canada love the Zipper, and ride it big. Now, not sure about this spot, but could be these duplicates are popular.

Another case might be are there are no rides to book in because everyone else has their equipment tied up, so the show owners uses what he can to fulfill the contract.

As for me, I don't mind seeing duplicate music rides like the Bobs and T-Bolt, they look different and if folks are riding a lot, they make money. Sadly today too there are not as many "usual" music rides like there used to be like the Cortina Bobs, Swiss Bobs, and such. A Magic Maze and Mardi Gras are different Fun Houses, not usual to see duplicates of those on big midways, SC state fair has had four or five different types, but essentially all fun houses or same for dark rides. Also at the state fair I have seen a Wacky Worm, Dragon Wagon, and Oriental Express but all were busy.

More than one Bumper Car is not unusual either at a big fair, have seen two big Majestic's side by side, and a F&B and Majestic on the same lot as well.

And remember back in the old days it was not uncommon for shows to have 2, 3, or even 4 Ferris Wheels side by side, Deggeller put up 4 Sky Wheels side by side one time in Tampa, and I know Strates has had two Sky Divers at the NC state fair one time.
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