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Sunday, January 4, 2004 2:58:29 PM
The law has been around since the '60s. In the past it was up to the judge to determine whether or not the sentence included the plates.
Usually reserved for repeat offenders, there are supposedly around 1500 sets of the plates currently in use.

The new version of the law requires everyone convicted of a DUI — even first offenders — to display the plates if they are granted occupational driving privileges.

Trhere is already a bill on the slate that would let first timers off the hook.


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Tuesday, January 6, 2004 5:08:06 PM
I ran into Nick/2ndgen who was all duded up with a Zoot suit. The fair vendor area was busy with 4hr's enjoying themselves but very few showman/concessionaires were out and about. Never saw it so dead. John Spaulding/arcade said the Indiana convention was even worse.

Took more cell phone pics: UserPostedImage
UserPostedImageTy England with Kathleen Sunny
UserPostedImageHandstand on broken glass.
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